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adisidh Gangotri Glacier - A travel report by subodh
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Gangotri Glacier,  India - flag India
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Amarnath Yatra (Journey)

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The Himalayan pilgrimages are the oldest organised travel system, evolved over time by Hindu sages and embodying the spirit of wander, adventure and spirituality

Amarnath Cave in Himalya
Amarnath Cave in Himalya
One of the holy Trinity, Shiva is a living God. the most sacred and the most ancient book of India, the Rigveda evokes his presence in its hymns. Vedic myths, rituals and even astronomy testify to his existence from the dawn of time. But Shiva( God), Destroyer, the mendicant, is undefinable : He is a great yogi. Legend has it that Shiva recounted to Parvati (wife of Shiva) the secret of creation in a Cave in Amarnath. Unkown to them a pair of mating doves eavesdropped on this conversation and having learned the secret, are reborn again and again, and have made the cave their eternal abode. Many pilgrims report seeing the doves pair when they trek the ardous route to pay obeisance before the ice-lingam.

Favourite spots:
Maha Ganesh Tpo
Maha Ganesh Tpo
Situated in a narrow gorge at the farther end of Lidder valley, Amarnath stands at 3888 mtrs and 46 Kms from Pahalgam and 141 Kms from Srinagar. Pahalgam is 96 Kms from Srinagar. the trek from Chandanwari to Cave is on an ancient peregerine route. pilgrims camp at Pahalgam or Chandanwari on the first night out.

What's really great:
Sheshnag lake
Sheshnag lake
The second day 12 km trek steadily gains height winding across Mahagunas Pass at 4600 mtrs and then descending to the meadow land of Panchtarni the last camp enroute to Amarnath Cave. From Panchtarni to Amarnath the distance is 6kms and an early morning start is recommended for there is long queue awaiting entry at the cave. The trek is very steep and therefore needs great caution and care. Some tea stalls are available at Brarimarg and Sangam top.

Food camp
Food camp
Government accommodation at Pahalgam/ Sonamarg /Jammu is controlled by J&K Tourism Development Corporation which can be reserved directly through the Manager Reservations, JK TDC, TRC Jammu (Tel: 0191-579554, 546412) and Manager Reservations, JK TDC, TRC Srinagar (Tel:0194-472644, 457927) Private hotels/tented accommodation at Pahalgam/Sonamarg can be reserved in advance by the Tourist Officer Pahalgam/Sonamarg or on the spot. Similarly the hotel accommodation at Srinagar can be reserved in advance/ on spot by the Tourist Officer, Enquiry and Reservations, TRC Srinagar (Tel: 0194-452690, 479548, 472449). The tented accommodation arranged by the Govt. through private registered agencies, is available at all stations enroute the Holy Cave during the entire yatra (journey) period on first come first serve basis against cash payment on spot.

Queue for holy cave
Queue for holy cave
Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Don't relax at places where warning signs are fixed.
Tourist without registration card, Aged, infirm , ailing and ill clad persons will not be allowed to proceed beyond Pahalgam and Baltal.

Other recommendations:
You can visit only in July as per the Govt schedule. Travel agents can arrange your tour with other tourists

Published on Friday August 11th, 2006

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Sun, Sep 03 2006 - 08:35 AM rating by mrscanada

Thanks for the memories... I couldn't breath when we were 1/2 way up.


Sun, Sep 03 2006 - 04:26 AM rating by marianne

This is a very interesting place to visit and nice to read about it. However, it would have been nice if you had written it yourself. Next time you copy and paste don't include typing mistakes 'fast flwing streams' (It looks as if you haven't even read what you copied.
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I can only rate 1*

Wed, Aug 16 2006 - 05:32 AM rating by leillli

it was very different from usual but i think good for changing the ordinaries

Mon, Aug 14 2006 - 07:40 PM rating by eirekay

Great Report! and the photos are simply stunning!

Sun, Aug 13 2006 - 01:15 AM rating by davidx

Being undecided between 4 and 5*, I went for the higher because it's so very different from the standard report. I couldn't do the walk now any more than I can surf, dive or climb but we should never mind giving or seeing extra information to those more active.

Sat, Aug 12 2006 - 02:55 AM rating by st.vincent

Great journey, interesting report and nice photos

Fri, Aug 11 2006 - 06:42 PM rating by gloriajames

Nice Report and pics!

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