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kwongmei Hong Kong - A travel report by Sharon
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Hong Kong,  Hong Kong - flag Hong Kong
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Hong Kong - Outside the mega-city

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Most visitors choose to explore the city, enjoy the great variety of food, shopping etc. in Hong Kong if they only get a few days stopover in this place. But in fact, there are many country parks, marine parks, and trails you can discover.

Sharp Peak
Sharp Peak
There are more than 23 country parks, 29 country trails (up to 20 km), 4 hiking trails (50 km or above), and a number of nature trails which contain signs of information about the nature enivronment.

Favourite spots:
Big Wave Bay
Big Wave Bay
Evey year when I return to Hong Kong for a couple of weeks, I discover new spots and trails. For example nice beaches like Tai Long Wan (also called Big Wave Bay), the 4 waterfalls in Ng Tung Chai, Sharp Peak, Clear Water Bay Country Park, Lamma Island etc.. Some of these trips could be exhausting but also rewarding. We saw many nice flowers and butterflies on the way.

You can also choose to do a day or only a few hours island hopping in Sai Kung which is also described in one report written by jjexpat. Either you can hire a junk which costs about HKD 2-300 or hop on a small ferry at Sai Kung Pier which then costs only HK 15-20 per trip. We went snorkeling last time in one of the islands and it's great! Can't believe that the water is so clear and we saw many fishes and hard corals!

What's really great:
Ng Tung Chai - Lower Falls
Ng Tung Chai - Lower Falls
It doesn't take long if you want to escape from city to countryside. The public transportation network is fantastic and price is reasonable that brings you to almost everywhere. It is really convenient.

Lamma Island
Lamma Island
Most hotels are pretty expensive. One of my friends once stayed at YMCA in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. The price is moderate and the standard is pretty good.

Butterfly with broken wing
Butterfly with broken wing
There are so many different types of food and restaurants in HK. And you don't have to bother about opening hours so much coz quite some restaurants close very late for those who want to eat out after midnight. Some hotels even offer cheap midnight buffet. Eating possibility is abundant!

Other recommendations:
Sai Kung - islands hopping
Sai Kung - islands hopping
Comprehensive information can be found under the official HK government website ( Here I didn't mention anything about marine parks coz I've never been there before. But you can also find relevant information on this website.

Apart from this, there is a wonderful website created and maintained by a foreigner who have been living in HK for long. It contains detail and interesting information about Hong Kong nature that even many Hongkongese do not know about. (

If you want to go trekking in a group, perhaps the following website is useful. I've never joined them but it seems okay. (

Published on Saturday March 10th, 2007

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Fri, Mar 16 2007 - 12:26 PM rating by marianne

This was a good read

Wed, Mar 14 2007 - 09:01 AM rating by esfahani

I enjoy reading your report!

Mon, Mar 12 2007 - 12:17 PM rating by rangutan

A very short but different HK report. I always thought that Hong Kong was just a concrete jungle but now seeing a map realise its green side too. Thanks!

Sat, Mar 10 2007 - 11:18 PM rating by eirekay

Kwongmei, you have a lot of good information and this is a nice perspective - we often miss the areas that surround a famous city. Nice pictures - I hope you add some more detail. This is a nice start!

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