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Honolulu - A travel report by Julie
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Honolulu,  United States - flag United States -  Hawaii
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justjulie's travel reports

Hawaii Twenty Years Ago

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Hawaii is a beautiful place to visit. The weather is wonderful & the people are very friendly. There is so much to see & to do. There just wasn't enough time. I was there 20 years ago & I'm sure that much has changed. I'm also sure that much has stayed the same. The Sea Life Park has a lovely setting. Diamond Head has a spectacular view. They had a zoo that we went to, the thing I remember most was they had a bluejay in a cage. Being from New York & finding bluejays quite common, I found this most amusing. The Arizona is a must for ever American. It's a good place to check out even if you are not. We went to the Cultural Center. That was the only time we encountered rain during our trip. It didn't last long. Be careful when standing on street corners at night. I found myself standing with some other ladies for a few minutes while waiting to cross the street. I realized that they were not there to cross the street. Funny now, but very weird at the time.

Favourite spots:
The Sea Life Park was amazing. What a beautiful location for park. Diamond Head, I just had to go there. If you are old enough you remember the movie. We watched people wind surfing from way up above. International Market - what an exciting place with so many interesting things to look at! The people are pretty interesting also. There was a building with a revolving restaurant. We had a drink called a volcano. It was on fire when it came to the table!

What's really great:
Everything was special. The whole experience was just that, an experience. We didn't spend much time at the beach because there were too many things to see.

Sea Life Park
Diamond Head
Arizona Memorial
Punch Bowl Cemetary
International Market

not where we stayed.

Can't remember any names, but we did have a wonderful bartender!

Farrell's - mmmmmmmmmmm
House of Hong (we think that was the name) The food & attention was divine!

Other recommendations:
There were some things in my report that needed editing. I couldn't find a way to edit.

Published on Tuesday December 3th, 2002

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