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davidx Jedburgh - A travel report by David
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Jedburgh,  United Kingdom - flag United Kingdom
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Jedburgh and the Borders

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‘Borders’ here means the local government area and doesn’t include Dumfriesshire. There’s so much to see, historical and scenic, but here’s a selection..

Jedburgh travelogue picture
I know nothing about fishing, except that this area is great for it so this report is about sightseeing. The places to see can be grouped fairly easily. First come the Abbeys, ruined of course but still splendid. Three are in towns, Melrose, Jedburgh and Kelso and the fourth is in the country, beautifully sited on the banks of the Tweed, Dryburgh.

The second is other historical buildings and sites. Many [including some Scots and English] have no idea that there is a broch this far south but Edin’s Hall Broch near Abbey St Bathans makes a splendid walk. [See special]. Totally different but really griping is the old print works in Innerleithen – just as it was 100 years ago. The Mary Queen of Scots house in Jedburgh [she only visited!] is a lovely period piece.
There are two ducal residences, Buccleuch at Bowood near Selkirk and Roxburgh at Floors Castle, Kelso. There is the ancestral home of the Earls of Hume, one of whom was the last leader of the Conservative Party to ‘emerge’ under the old system and become Prime Minister, The Hirsel near Coldstream. There’s Monteviot House and gardens, not far from Jedburgh and Abbotsford House, the erstwhile home of Sir Walter Scott. I could go on but there are also gardens without the great houses such as the Teviot Water Gardens and the Harmony and Priorwood Gardens, both owned by the National Trust for Scotland, at Melrose.
St Abbs is a model village with a great headland for seabirds not far north of the border with England and the fine beach of Coldingham is immediately to the south of it. Eyemouth harbour where fish auctions still take place is nearby. Further up at the town of North Berwick is somewhere I’ve yet to see, the Scottish Sea Birds Centre and the bird stack of bass Rock is a short boat trip away.
www.undiscoveredscotland.c and

Favourite spots:
Kelso Abbey
Kelso Abbey
This seems particularly important here, because if you don’t know Scotland well I have to advise you to get on to Edinburgh and the northwest coast – which would mean you only paying a brief visit to this area in transit. I concentrate on what’s special. You can see fine houses and geardens anywhere in the UK – though the ones here are very good – and you will be seeing some fabulous coast but what you won’t be seeing is anything like those Abbeys at Jedburgh, Melrose, Dryburgh and Kelso. What’s more the actual towns of J, K and M are extremely pleasant. Melrose has gardens and nearby walks to the scenic Eildon Hills, Kels has a massive square for its size and appears more like a French town and Jedbugh has the Mary Q of S house [above] and the Gaol Museum. All the abbeys except Kelso [free] are owned by Historic Scotland and you might want to consider their Explorer Pass - k/range_detail.htm?R-angeID =47&MainRangeID=8 They are all very different.

What's really great:
Edin's Hall Broch [part]
Edin's Hall Broch [part]
Two very different places come to mind here. The first is Edin’s Hall Broch near Abbey Saint Bathans, north of Duns. Brochs comprise two co-centric walls around an open space with rooms on separate floors joined by steps between the walls. They come from the 1st centuries BCE and CE and the great majority are to be found in the north or the islands [see Carloway and/or Glenelg]. What you see is, of course, the ruins that are left. This was the first one I saw and Pam had not seen it but we had both seen several in a much better state of repair. However she loved the walk to see this one and I was surprised and gratified to enjoy it as much as I had the first time. cle.php?sid=71972106--8 The other place gave me a sort of vicarious pleasure and is the Harestanes Visitor Centre near Jedburgh. This is probably as good a place for young children to play as any I’ve seen and it’s free! utabout/visit/harest--anes/

Jedburgh travelogue picture
I can never be away from hills too long and the north side of the Cheviots appeals a lot. It is nothing like grand mountainous scenery and even lacks the impressiveness of much seen on the Pennine Way, a long-distance footpath from Edale in Derbyshire [England] However it’s attractive rolling country with fast flowing streams coming down from the hills and the villages, like Kirk Yetholm and Town Yetholm are good to see.
Children will probably be better pleased with the beach at Coldingham, not far north of the English border. St Abbs, just north, was founded by one of the Lords Usher, the brewing family, but there’s no pub in the village. Now, what does that tell us?

Jedburgh travelogue picture
We took an excellent cottage for a week, not far from Jedburgh or Kelso.
6 Harden Mains, Oxnam, by Jedburgh TD8 6RB
Tel: 01835 864017
Contact Wendy Meldrum

Jedburgh travelogue picture
The Templehall Inn in Morebattle, a village between Kelso and Kirk Yetholm, is very good either for just a drink or to eat. Not fast food – well cooked – moderate prices.

Jedburgh travelogue picture
Le Jardin near the car park in Kelso.
The Coffee Shop at the Sokerie on the road between the two towns is also very pleasant. Both can be found on ishBorders/melrose.msnw
The pub above serves very good lunches.

Other recommendations:
Jedburgh travelogue picture
Some websites that could be useful are: for the centre a North Berwick if you want a Sir Walter Scott place and/or www.information-britain.c [about Bowhill] if you’re feeling curious about where dukes hang out.

I've lost my notebook with the photos recorded! They are in this area but - - . The unidentified abbey shots are either Melrose or Dryburgh. I THINK the gardens are at Monteviot House and that the beach is Coldingham [l silent]. I'm lost on the other coastal one!

Published on Tuesday April 5th, 2005

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Fri, Apr 08 2005 - 09:15 AM rating by magsalex

A great area to visit!!! But i may be biased!

Thu, Apr 07 2005 - 06:04 AM rating by britman

Enjoyable report well illustrated too - Great

Tue, Apr 05 2005 - 09:18 AM rating by mistybleu

Another lovely report David



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