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La Coruna - A travel report by Martin
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La Coruna,  Spain - flag Spain
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La Coruña – ciudad cristal, city of glass

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A galician saying is that Vigo works, Pentevedra sleeps, Santiago de Compostela prays and La Coruña dances and sings. For the last two cities I can confirm that. There are a lot of bars and restaurant in the downtown of La Coruña.

La Coruña or in the galicia language A Coruña is a harbour city with about 240.000 inhabitants. It lays in the north west between Ferrol and Santiago de Compostela. The Atlantic ocean has always been important for La Coruña and the harbour. The city has been attacked several times through the history, the pirate Francis Drake tried it in the late 16th century without any luck. Today is not only the harbour importat, but also the industry and the university with all students. In 1992 the oil tanker Aegean Sea wrecked near La Coruña and the coast was full of oil, a horrible nature catastrophe. The coast did recover better then first thought. La Coruña is called ciudad cristal due to all houses with glassed balconies. There is one touristic information on plaza María Pita and one along Aavinida de la Marina, near the park autoridad portuaria.

Favourite spots:
Go along the newly restored walk along the coast, I think it is 12 km in total, so take your time. Along the way the Domus museum of the human-being is passed (it is mostly in spanish or galicia, very little english), and the light house Hercules – Torre de Hércules, where the foundation is from the roman empire.

What's really great:
Just to walk around in the city and along the coast line. One funny thing that I have not seen anywhere else are the small glass houses on the Plaza de María Pita. They are there due to all rain that falls here.

For me this would be the coast line walk, may be not what you would expect. There are also a lot of churches in the old town and city center.

There are a lot of hostels and small private rooms in the streets Calle Real, Calle Riegode Agua, Calle Estrella and around, no problem to find something. Hotels are there too, of course. Unfortunately is there no youth hostel in La Coruña.

I am not the person who goes out so much. Look for a place in the city, try the streets Calle Juan Canelejo, Calle del Orzán, Calle Olmos or Calle Estrella, to name some streets. Remember all students that goes out on thursdays.

Bodegiña O’Viñedo a small family owned place, little of the main streets, but very nice, in the street Travesia Estrecha de San Andres. Or if you want to have tortillas then go to La Casa de las tortillas, they have all kinds of tortillas that you can think of, in the street Calle/Rua Orzan 5. Near the first place.

Other recommendations:
The market San Agustín at the plaza with the same name or the market at Plaza de Ponteverda, where all kinds of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese and bread is offered. It is always funny to look around on a market to see all new and strange things that they eat in a foreign country.

Published on Sunday August 22th, 2004

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Fri, Jan 28 2005 - 06:11 AM rating by davidx

I've not been to A Coruña but I do hope to - I love Pontevdra. This increases my desire to see A Cuña and the Rias Altas.

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