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mystie21 Marseilles - A travel report by Samantha
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Marseilles,  France - flag France -  Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
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mystie21's travel reports

The best city in the world

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This is the best city in the world. Why? Because I was born there. I left Marseille when I was 5 years old. I have been back there every summer since and it still fells like home. It just has such a different vibe than the rest of France. The North African influences are everywere. In the language, most of Marseille' slang is actually arabic, the food, the people, everything. Some might say it's dirty, they would be kinda right. But that is not all that you see. Marseille is beautiful, with Notre-Dame de la Garde watching over her.

Favourite spots:
Marseilles travelogue picture
The Canebiere is the famous street that goes around the Old Port. And what an old port. Marseille IS the oldest city in France. It was built by the greeks and used to be called Massilia, thus why Marseille's cross is light blue and white, greek colors.

What's really great:
Marseilles travelogue picture
What I like in particular is the attitude of people living in Marseille. At the entrance of the port there is two forts, fort St-Jean and Fort St-Nicolas, now you would think that they were built to protect Marseille from people coming in. Well, you would be wrong, they were built so King Louis XIVth could keep an eye on the people of Marseille.

Saint-Jean Fortress : Its foundation goes back to the 12th century as a command post of the Hospitallers of Saint-John of Jerusalem.The square tower was built by King René in the 15th century. Louis XIV ordered the construction of the beacon tower and watch tower by the Chevalier de Clerville around 1670 and fortified the fortress.

Saint-Nicolas Fortress : Dominating the city, this star-shaped fort from 1680, ordered by Louis XIV, was also built by the Chevalier de Clerville.

Marseilles travelogue picture
Notre Dame de la Garde.
The highest point of the city, where the first chapel was built in 1214. In 1524, François Ist built a fort here. The present Romanesque-Byzantine basilica, designed by the architect Espérandieu, was one of the great building projects undertaken during the Second Empire and was consecrated in 1864. From the esplanade there is a most impressive view of Marseille.

Marseilles travelogue picture
Any restaurants that serves fresh fish, you'll see, it is not the biggest port of France for nothing.
But I also have to mention something I had forgotten, and my mother would be very insulted, the famous Bouillabaise, a soup made of the freshest Mediterranean fish you can find, with a sauce called "rouille". I personally prefer to stay away from fishes of all kind, but it is know worldwide and said to be excellent.

Published on Tuesday July 8th, 2003

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Sun, Jun 19 2005 - 04:19 PM rating by kandath

Samantha, Iam only becoming an active Globo person now and catching up rapidly. Loved your report andn the fotos with it. Well done,
Kris Kandath

Wed, Apr 28 2004 - 08:31 AM rating by britman

Lovely pictures and a super report - and you didn't even mention the wonderful Bouillabaisse

Wed, Nov 05 2003 - 08:22 PM rating by spaceout

Marseille seems like a great place.. next time I`m in
France I will definitely make a stop to your favorite city..:-) I`m curious to know which king actually built the forts...and also I`m anxious to see what the Notre-Dame de la Garde looks like..

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