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mystie21 Goult - A travel report by Samantha
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Goult,  France - flag France -  Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
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mystie21's travel reports

Beautiful little village

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Goult travelogue picture
Goult is a small village in the south of France, near Avignon. It actually includes a few villages around like Lumiere. I use to go see my great grand mother there, it was my little vacation every year with my mom. It is a typical village from south of France. It has one main street on wich you can find two butchers, two bakeries, a bistro, wich is a pub, the grocerie store and the post office. There is on top of that two squares, one has the water fountain and the other the church. On each of the squares, you can find old women who will make sure that every thing seen that day will make it's way around the whole village before morning! They spend their days sitting in front of their houses, talking and watching.

Favourite spots:
"Chez Morel" the grocery store
My favorite spot in the whole world is further, on top of the main street. See, Goult is on a hill (because it used to be a fortified city, now in ruins), at the top of that hill there is a small forest, where you can see horses in the summer. They're left there to eat the fresh grass. There is also a trail made for the tourists. It takes them through a very nice part of the forest, on the side of the hill. There, you have THE BEST VIEW in the whole area! But further along that trail, if you leave it and go climbing up on the cliff, you can find a spot over looking every thing. That is my favorite place in the whole world. Even if you don't find my spot, it is a very nice walk, and you get to see very old rock houses, made mainly by hunters.

What's really great:
MY wall
MY wall
There is a fantastic restaurant there, I know the owner. He makes the best chocolate cake ever! It is called Le Tonneau. (the barrel). If you pass by the village, go right pass La Bartavelle, the newer restaurant and go eat at "Le Tonneau". Try, if they still have, the pesto lasagna and do not forget that wonderfull chocolat cake!! You will dream about it at night, promise.

There is a posibility to rent appartements in the village itself, but do it way in advance if you want to have a chance of finding place.

Goult travelogue picture
No clubs!

Goult travelogue picture
One, Le Bistro, on the main square

Published on Wednesday December 3th, 2003

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Sat, Oct 07 2006 - 04:47 AM rating by patrickpaye

Dear Samantha
Maintenant je t'ai reconnu !!!et ça m'a fait tres plaisir
que deviens tu ainsi que tes parents ...ecris moi sur mon email direct
Patrick Payet du tonneau à Goult

Sun, Sep 03 2006 - 08:37 AM rating by mrscanada

I've been to France and some villages... but not this one. It was interesting to read.


Fri, Dec 05 2003 - 04:40 AM rating by marianne

Lovely to read. From your description I can see that you love this place. Your pictures give a good impression of what the village is like: beautiful

Thu, Dec 04 2003 - 12:03 PM rating by whereisliz

What a sweet & charming report! I love your description of your favorite spot in the world. Delightful!

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