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lolaney Naples - A travel report by Lori
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Naples,  Italy - flag Italy -  Campania
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The Shame of Naples

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Living under the shadow of Vesuvius is said to influence the mindset of everyone under the shadow. I have been told Live today, for tomorrow we may all die! Does this give license to live anyway one wants? It sure seems to be the case here in Naples.

Naples travelogue picture
This report was written in NOVEMBER 2006. It is June 2007 now and the situation is becoming extremely dire. I suppose that it will take another black plague before something is done here!!!All you need do is Search the net with these words:Naples Italy Garbage and it will take you to several links. Thank GOD the world is starting to notice!
-Now, the original report- The landfills are overfull. There is no solution in sight for a very real problem going on here. If something isn't done, we may be looking at the next Black Plague. Animals of all kinds are strewing trash in fields, on the streets, everywhere. I have seen rats as big as cats crossing the streets, going from one garbage pile to the other! Some have said that this is a temporary situation. I have been here for 2 years and there has always been a problem with people dumping on the back streets. Now, with no garbage pick-up for 3 months, the problem has reached such severe proportions that no one could've imagined. I have been told by the locals that it has never been this bad here. The photos I posted were taken several weeks ago, so as you can imagine, the piles are considerably bigger.

Favourite spots:
On main streets with busy intersections!
On main streets with busy intersections!
All the back roads are cluttered with garbage that people are dumping due to all trash collection being halted. No surrounding Provinces or Countries want the garbage from this area. Who can blame them? Naples has been trying to build their own treatment facility for years now. Every time they find a suitable location, the people living in that area protest and put an end to one being built. No one wants that in their backyard and so now we have garbage in the backyard, frontyard and sideyards! It is everywhere. Thank God that the temperatures are cooler now. Before when it was warmer, the insects were taking over. It wasn't unusual for us to kill 90-160 flies per day. This is not an exaggeration-we counted. Before coming into the house, we would kill 15-30 at the frontdoor! Some still managed to sneak in and then we had to deal with them inside as well.

What's really great:
This pile was higher than our car!
This pile was higher than our car!
This strewn, stinky garbage is set afire when the mounds get too high. This poses another problem for everyone living here... it makes it really hard to breathe.

Yes, come see the garbage!
Yes, come see the garbage!
There are many things to see here in the Campania Region of Italy. Such as Vesuvius, Pompeii, the Museums and the port. I just wonder- if they were to lose the tourist industry, would they would rush to find a solution?

At the end of the road- the Billboard has an outline of a body with garbage surrounding it.
At the end of the road- the Billboard has an outline of a body with garbage surrounding it.
I absolutely believe that no one should come here for any reason until they find a safe solution to this problem. Maybe if they lost the Tourist income that they all count on, they would come up with some way to resolve this problem!

Naples travelogue picture
It would be best not to go out at night. The roads are cluttered with garbage and that makes it hard to drive!

Naples travelogue picture
I wouldn't hang out anywhere here for the rats are taking over!

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Naples travelogue picture

Published on Thursday November 30th, 2006

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Wed, Dec 06 2006 - 03:17 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

nice report ,good attempt

Tue, Dec 05 2006 - 05:13 PM rating by whereisliz

Lori, I applaud you for seeing a problem and trying to do something about it. True travel is not just noticing the beautiful things, but everything. Naples has many unique treasures, I hope they get their act together.

Fri, Dec 01 2006 - 10:14 AM rating by marianne

It is not just the garbage that poses problems for Naples. The maffia has been a threat for at least these last two years killing people more openly than they did originally. They have always been there but are more visible these days.
It good that you draw attention to naples plight so that travellers can decide for themselves if they go to or avoid Naples.

Fri, Dec 01 2006 - 05:56 AM rating by davidx

It's ages since I was last in Naples so obviously I can't comment on its problems - but I think that if this is how you see the situation, you are right to draw attention to it.

Thu, Nov 30 2006 - 06:32 PM rating by rangutan

Thank you "Lori" and I respect your anomousity. I rate this ** because I hope it is a temporary situation. There is much more behind this story too, MAFIA & CORRUPTION, see:,1518,446889,00.html which comments
"... piles of garbage accumulate in the background, as if the government had already abandoned the city..." I thought ALL europeans were educated, free and democratic! :- (

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