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daniserralta Puerto Narino - A travel report by Dani
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Puerto Narino,  Colombia - flag Colombia -  Amazonas
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Alto de Aguilas.

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Puerto Narino travelogue picture
Alto de Aguilas is a little paradise in the middle of the Amazon Jungle. If you go to the Amazones area and don't want to stay in an extremelly expensive resort where everything is ready for you, the Anaconda that they feed, some animals and 20 people excursions, just go to the Alto de Aguilas. Where you will find a real jungle experience in a friendly place.

Favourite spots:
Puerto Narino travelogue picture
The best of el Alto de Aguilas is that you are free to choose what to do and when to do it. So from everything i found really interesting the jungle trekings with the local guides, the Tarapoto lake to see the Pink Dolphins, try to fish piranhas ... and lot of other things to do.

What's really great:
Puerto Narino travelogue picture
As i told before, you can do what you want when you want so the best for me was the freedom to spend days just relaxed looking to the jungle and the Amazones river from the top of the view point or go when i wanted to see the big Ceibas Tree, jungle trekings, see other ethnic groups along the Loretoyacu river, rent a canoa and go alone to the Tarapoto lake ....
Also really interesting was the real contact with the wild life cause there are some monkeys that comes to see wat's up there with you.
There are Guacamayos, monkys, etc... Meet "Tata" the crazy monkey was an unforgetable experience for me.
Not every day you can stay in contact with a monkey as in my city i'm with my dog or cat!!
Was great!!

Puerto Narino travelogue picture
From there you can go to see the pink dolphins, fish piranhas, see ethnic jungle groups like the Ticuna, Yaguas or Huitotos, monkeys, anacondas or caimans, the natural life ....

Puerto Narino travelogue picture
That's a great place out of the tourist crowds, safe, and cheap.
Arriving to Puerto Nariño just ask someone about the Alto de Aguilas or about Friar Hector.
Alto de Aguilas is a little, little comunity where you can stay for some thousand Pesos (1 usd$ arround 3.500 Pesos).
There are a little school and some huts to stay in.
Really comfortable with mosquito net, etc...
Just some showers with no hot water but... hot water is unnecessary there!!
You can stay there just relaxed or with a lot of activities to do.
All this is runned by Friar Hector.
He is a really interesting man, quiet, nice and helpful ... a little bit strange too!! ;)
He is helped by some local guys from different ethnic groups that at the end are your guides trough the jungle.
I really enjoyed that place and was REALLY cheap.

That's far from the civilization but if you want to drink something just ask to Friar Hector about the Chuchuwasa drink.
He will be ready anytime to have some shoots of chuchuwasa and enjoy with the conversation.
Att!! Be careful!! He is a hard man and can drink much that it seems!! ;)
Anyway is great just sit outside, when the mosquitoes are gone, and enjoy the drink with Friar Hector and the local guys talking about everything.

Puerto Narino travelogue picture
As you want.
You can go to Puerto Nariño to eat or buy something to cook by yourself at the alto de aguilas or you can ask Friar Hector to fish at the lake and eat at the Alto de Aguilas with them.
Is very interesting to eat some different dishes from the Amazons river.

Other recommendations:
Puerto Narino travelogue picture
To go there:
By fast ferry- 40 to 50 usd$ (It depends on the seasson) Iquitos-Leticia 9 hours but the up river Leticia-Iquitos is 14 hours.
By plane- 55 usd$ (Hydroplane) 1 hour 45 minuts aprox. It leaves from Santa Rosa.
By slow boat- 3 days, 30 usd$.
The best is go by fast ferry and go back to Iquitos by plane.
Arriving to Leticia don't forget to stamp your passport going to the airport. (D.A.S.)
The fast ferry stops at Santa Rosa to do the exit forms of Peru and then continues 15 minutes till Tabatinga, 5 minutes far from Leticia by taxi, you can go walking too but is really hot there.
If you can, take a boat from Leticia to go to Puerto Nariño. 2 hours. 23.000 pesos.
At Puerto Nariño ask to someone for Friar Hector to go to Alto de Aguilas, 20 minuts by boat.

Published on Sunday August 31th, 2003

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Tue, Feb 12 2008 - 10:24 AM rating by krisek

This one is great. Many thanks again. Very practical!

Sat, Nov 19 2005 - 08:24 AM rating by alfonsovasco

Muy bien catalán!
Saludos de un bilbaino

Sun, May 29 2005 - 09:35 PM rating by rangutan

Great. My kind of stuff!

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