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daniserralta Shaolinsi - A travel report by Dani
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Shaolinsi,  China - flag China -  Henan
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Kung Fu in the middle of nowhere.

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Shaolinsi travelogue picture
Shaolin Shi, the temple of Kung Fu and all martial arts. This temple and the little town near of it is all a big school of kung fu, martial arts and Tai Xi for Chinesse and some foreigner students. It have this romantic aurea about fighting and old knowledge but it´s being transformed in a new Kung Fu Disney park.

Favourite spots:
Shaolinsi travelogue picture
The old temples area where yhe young fighters train from old times are very interesting. The rooms where they trained have holes in the floor caused by centuries of training. The parks and gardens or the pagodas forest are also great as visit the new training areas for the loans of new generations of kung fu fighters.

What's really great:
Shaolinsi travelogue picture
What i really like there was look how the new young generation of Kung Fu fighters train there everyday 6 or more hours. Swords, woods, nunchakus, and all kind of imaginable weapons are trained there by the children and young people.

The entrance to the temples area costs 45 Yuen from 8:00 to 18:30.
The entrance ticket includes the entrance to 2 cinemas the first near the door is OK but the next one is fucking shit. Go deep inside the temples walking by the paved street till wher they train and look it is great!!

There are not so much accomodation there to stay and usually is expensive.
I found the Wushu hotel behind the entrance to the temples area is a big hotel, really expensive but bargaining hard you can get the double rooms with no hot water and at the anexed building for 50 Yuen.
But definetivetly the best option is go to the school Tagou Wushu Xuexiao, where you can find dormitories for 25-30 Yuen.
It´s at the beginning of the town.

No. Sorry. No clubs or pubs there just training and training Kung Fu all the time.
No nightlife anymore for the new fighters just training areas and weapons shops.

No pubs there. Read the previous post about clubs.

At the central street there are some familiar and little restaurants.
There are not so much but are really good and not so expensive.
There are just one big central street so is easy to find a good restaurant and usually the manager will be at the door to try to catch you and get you inside.

Other recommendations:
You can take some Kung Fu classes for one or more days just paying a little amount of money to a Shaolin student.
There are a lot of them everywhere and some of them offer their services as a trainer near the temple.
Your teacher could be a teenage boy but anyway he knows much more than some Western kung fu teachers.

Published on Wednesday September 4th, 2002

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Tue, Jun 07 2005 - 11:32 PM rating by kathmandukitten

Hi there,
I'm in China at the moment as a volunteer as was really wondering if I could fit Shoalin in to my schedule.. but your report has me convinced, thanks x Beks

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