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Tampico - A travel report by Christina
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Tampico,  Mexico - flag Mexico -  Tamaulipas
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Estacion Manuel, Mexico

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I lived in a small town outside of Tampico called Estacion Manuel but would visit Tampico very often. My family is of mixed ethnic origin so one year we decided to move down deep into Mexico to help my Great Grandmother with her life/bills.

Estacion Manuel is a very small town and consists of one main road, which leads to the main highway. People usually pass through this town to get from Gozalez/Victoria to Tampico so that is where most of the business comes from. The main road consists of restuarants, A Pemex station, a bus station and a few other little knick knack stores. I lived there for a year when I was younger, ages 8 to 9 so many things might have changed.

Favourite spots:
The Plaza! Every friday night (there's not much to do in that town) we would go to the Plaza and pretty much everyone in the town was there. I loved drinking Jamaica juice out of a bag with a straw, was odd to me at first but I loved it, they have a plethera of home-made juices. Also elotes (corn in a cup/cob with mayonaise/chili/chee-se/lemon on it) are very common. It was mostly a place for couples, but it was very fun to see and experiances.

What's really great:
I loved how hard working the Mexican people are. I was able to experiance life as a poor mexican girl, working as a waitress (which I hardly spoke Spanish at the time). I loved working, and eating afterwards. God the food there is amazing, but after a long day of hardwork it's just like satisfaction at it's finest, the fact that you don't have air conditioning/clean water/television/stu-pid materialistic crap didn't matter. I also loved working on the little ranch we had and feeding the goats, I was able to get in-tune with nature which is harder to do in the States.

There's a volcano when traveling to Gonzalex from Estacion Manuel it's on the left side of the road, it's huge. Many travelers like to go and climb there.

I recommend taking someone who speaks fluent Spanish because they WILL charge you more if they know you're American or speak English, they automatically see it as money. I lived in a room with ...a few of my family members so yes although it is a bit different and not as nice I would reccomend having a friend and staying there with them. Besides getting to know the neighbors is a good thing, they never forget you and if you need help there's no question about it- just be sure to invite them to a carne asada (bar-b-q) afterwards or something. However due to the rising of the Drug Cartel and Mexican mafia I definantly advise AGAINST visiting Mexico.

All mexican Food is delicious, ahah. It's better just to watch for the cleanliness of the restaurant, of coarse there will be flies and such but I mean if the workers wash their hands and such. Don't take free tacos, there's usually something wrong with them. Always ask if the meat is Fajita or any other meat you have of preferance otherwise you could be eating cat or something which isn't bad some people that's messed up. LOL. When drinking sodas (they're all bottled) always get a napkin and wipe the opening where you put your mouth, they usually don't wash them only refil them.

Other recommendations:
There are much to do in Tampico (the mall and such) but as for Manuel, nothing really to do.

Published on Friday March 13th, 2009

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