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jelloo Wawa - A travel report by Cassandra
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Wawa,  Canada - flag Canada -  Ontario
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Northern Ontario, beautiful wilderness!

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Untill you travel to northern Ontario, you never witness the abundant beauty to be found in the little town of Wawa, and surrounding Lake Superior. Many people don't give a second thought, especially if you are from Ontario, like me.

Driftwood Lake- Lake Superior
Driftwood Lake- Lake Superior
Untill going up north i had no idea what was in store. Picture going 14 hours north of Toronto. You come to this little town called Wawa, named after the native word Big Goose. Oddly enough Wawa has the world largest goose statue. Wawa has lots of northern wildlife, everywhere, and is know for being a major stop on the Trans Canada Highway.

Favourite spots:
Mr.Valle Park- Wawa
Mr.Valle Park- Wawa
But Wawa has much more than just that statue, it has magnificent surroundings, such as Lake Superior, Silver Falls, Driftwood Lake, Old Woman Bay and many more little special place, that a days hike will find. Inside Wawa you can visit Wawa Beach, know for it 13 spots for cliff jumping, and are numbered by their intensity. You can also visit Mr.Valle Park, which was created and up kept by Mr.Valle before his death. Mr. Valley spent a good portion of his life, making this area a beautiful place for people to enjoy a good stroll, in chance of seeing a bear wading in the river.

What's really great:
Scenic High Falls- Wawa
Scenic High Falls- Wawa
One of the best things to do is to go Moose watching. The best times are at dawn or dusk, and you can see many mooses, and thier young grazing in the marsh areas. Wawa has a dump just outside town, which is known as one of the best places to see black bear, and thier young eating and playing with, sad to say,..garbage. There many hikes to do, some take an afternoon, some a day. It is truly up to the individuals desire. When camping on Driftwood Lake, the evening sky puts on an amazing color show known as the northen lights, which are visible on clear nights around 2 in the morning. To witness this is truly awe inspiring.

Pictographs - Agawa Rock
Pictographs - Agawa Rock
I good place to make a scenic stop is at Old Woman Bay. It is rock face which you can see the face of an old woman on it. Another really cool place to stop, is just before Wawa at Agawa Rock Pictographs. There are about 117 pictographs along a trail which is part of Lake Superior Provincial Park Costal Trail. There are over 21 trails that you can hike some taking a couple of hour and some a week.

Driftwood Lake-Lake Superior
Driftwood Lake-Lake Superior
Two place which i usually stay at when I am not camping, is High Falls Motel & Cabins. (705) 856-4496. They offer nice size cabin with small kitchens for a reasonable price. And they also welcome pets, which is great. Another place is Kinniwabi Pines Motel & Cottages. (705) 856-7302. It is also a nice place to stay.

Published on Tuesday August 17th, 2004

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Sat, Nov 12 2005 - 06:41 PM rating by jorgesanchez

I lived a funny adventure in Wawa. Thanks for the nostalgia

Tue, Sep 07 2004 - 05:44 PM rating by fieryfox

Hi Cassandra,
I love your photos and I enjoyed reading the article!
Keep up the good work!

Kind regards.

Tue, Aug 17 2004 - 11:02 PM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii cassandra,
nice report you have made..

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