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Yaremche - A travel report by Darya
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Yaremche,  Ukraine - flag Ukraine -  Ivano-Frankivs'ka Oblast'
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Destination is high or Carpathian Mountains

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The Carpathians are located on the West of the Ukraine on the boundary with Rumania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. Mountains are located on the territory of 4 regions of the Ukraine: Lviv, Transcarpathian, Ivano- Frank and Chernovitsky region.

View from mountain on village in winter
View from mountain on village in winter
This region has rich culture, tradition, interesting history and amazing views. Region also conditionally is divided in 2 parts - Subcarpathian and Transcarpathian region. The part of the Lviv region is also located on the territory of mountains (southern part). Mountains are low, volcanic origin, with medium altitude about 1200-1400 meters. The highest point is located in the region of the village of Yasinya and Yablunitsa is Goverla Mountain which is 2061 m. Next highest of the Ukrainian Carpathians mountains are Petros, Hamster, Priest- Ivan. Entire territory of mountains is densely populated. People live even at the mountain peaks, in the proud solitude. As nowhere in Ukraine Carpathians people highly following all ancient traditions. Carpaths does not have heavy flow of tourists thus it very clean and untouched. Many sources of mineral waters are located in the territory of the Carpathians. Therefore Carpath attracts tourists not only for leisure, but also for treating of diseases and general sanitation of organism. Special attention should be given to the purity of air - after big city’s polluted air difference is essential. Air there is fresh, with the high amount of ozone, with the light aroma of wet forest. Therefore many sanatoriums for treating the diseases of the respiratory tract are located there.

Favourite spots:
Camping...bbbbbrrr cold!
Camping...bbbbbrrr cold!
If you prefer extreme leisure, it is possible to go into the march through the summits, on foot or on the bicycles, on the jeeps, to be rolled on the horses, to be occupied paraplaner, by hunting... Also it is possible to take a trip at the excursion, for example into Lviv or Uzhgorod - surely most beautiful cities of the Ukraine. Carpathians Mountains have many places for the skiing and snowboarding. Most popular ski bases and health resorts - Dragobrat, Slavs'ko, Bukovel', Volovets, Podobovets, Vorokhta These places are popular not just among people from former Soviet Block but among people from Western Europe. On all bases there is a rental of inventory, hoists, and the route of different level of complexity. Rental of skis and snowboards will cost you around 5-15$ depending on the popularity of health resort, quality and equipment state.

What's really great:
Church in Colochava village
Church in Colochava village
I want to mention also unique exterior design of the building in Carpathian region. Musical instrument called ‘Trimbita’ is around 2 meters long and is used to call shepherds and inform Carpathians people of some events. If you watched Eurovision song contest (2003) with winner from Ukraine Ruslana (Wild Dancer) you may probably notice it at the beginning of her performance. As for me I enjoyed collecting and cooking mushrooms. If you like this activity you will not find more better place that Carpathian Mountains. Also Carpahian mountains full of berries, but be sure what berry you eat!

Local Restaurant in Yaremche
Local Restaurant in Yaremche
In the territory of town you can find some great historical and cultural monuments like church of Christmas of the Mother of God built in 18 centuries in Vorokhte village, the church of the Holiest Trinity of 17 century in Mikulichine, the church of the Holy Prophet Ilyas in the Dora village.
Great route is to Goverla Mountain with hoist, open market where you can buy some national, traditional staff.
The architecture is very distinctive,even exterior of restaurants can catch you attention.

Most known places of Carpathian region are towns as Yaremche, Slavskoye, Sinevir, Yablunitsa, Mezhgor'e, Gut, Svalyava... Generally an enormous quantity of hotels is located on the territory, sanatoriums, boarding houses, cottages. Price range from 10$ and over per person. Each will find accommodation for its taste. You can also rent a flat or even house. There unlike in Crimea house owner does not rush to the tourists, as in the Crimea, with the proposal to return room. If you want to rent a house, flat ect. ask to local people they usually know where it is possible to stop.
I want to mention also unique exterior design of the building in Carpathian region.

Traditional Wool Cover, even in -40 degree you will not be cold under it.
Traditional Wool Cover, even in -40 degree you will not be cold under it.
Yaremche is small town of Carpathian region with 10 000 inhabitants however it has are many stores, cafe, clubs.

Yaremche travelogue picture
In the cafe and the restaurants serve tasteful inexpensive meals that served in wide selection. There are many markets in which it is possible to purchase practically everything, if you want to cook by yourself. Prices of the products and the goods are the same as in rest of Ukraine.
By the way, mobile connection provided by Ukrainian mobile operators in the city and in the environments outstanding. You can by number pack for around 10-15$ with units in you account. Also it is possible to cut through and to rest next to the road. There are many small restaurants, cafés. Prices are moderated, cheaper compare to Crimea. Certainly in the very popular places such as Dragobrata and Slavsko prices are higher.

Other recommendations:
1) Be carefull if you go to forest be sure that you have local guide
2) In Carpaths fall a lot of heavy rain
3) I found Carpathian poeple very friendly and helpfull. We stoped in one village and one house owner even brought us hot milk just after milking a cow. Usualy I don't like milk but it tasted really different.

Published on Thursday January 19th, 2006

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Fri, Jul 27 2007 - 06:49 AM rating by adampl

This report really encouraged me to visit your country again. Thanks. And... great pics. I really like them.

Mon, Jun 05 2006 - 05:57 AM rating by marianne

This was an enjoyable read and gave a good impression of the region. i especailly like the snow photos.

Tue, Mar 28 2006 - 12:09 PM rating by mistybleu

Excellent report with great illustrations.


Sun, Jan 29 2006 - 05:40 PM rating by jorgesanchez

Good job! All your reports are first class. Thanks.

Mon, Jan 23 2006 - 08:16 AM rating by isaacmolina

one of the best reports in globo

Sat, Jan 21 2006 - 09:28 AM rating by magsalex

This is a great report. It is good to see people reporting on their home countries!

Fri, Jan 20 2006 - 04:24 PM rating by eirekay

I want to go :-) Terrific Report!

Fri, Jan 20 2006 - 06:05 AM rating by davidx

Three 5* reports straight off, all about your own country! Wonderful - keep it up!

Fri, Jan 20 2006 - 12:20 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

wonderful report

Thu, Jan 19 2006 - 05:51 PM rating by rangutan

Another wonderful report, congratulations. You choose good pictures to support the text......

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