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Kyiv - A travel report by Darya
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Kyiv,  Ukraine - flag Ukraine -  Kyyivs'ka Oblast'
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Orange Capital - Kyiv

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Kyiv ancient center of Slavs, the capital of powerful Kyivan Russ, center of trade cross roads today Kyiv is a capital of the independent Ukraine with over 2,5 milln inhabitants.

Panoramic View of Kiev
Panoramic View of Kiev
Kyiv’s history surrounded by many legends. According to one of them at the end 5th and the beginning of 6th century of our era three brother Kiy, Cheeks and Khoriv and the sister of their Lybid' established by right bank of Dnepr river city named it in the honor of elder brother Kyiv. In 988 year prince Vladimir Monomah introduces in Kyivan Russ Christianity as official religion. This contributed to establishment and development of political and cultural connections with the Byzantine Empire, Bulgaria and by other states of Europe and Middle East. In THE XI century Kiev becomes one of the most known centers of civilization. From 1019, Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise, who sat on the throne in Kyiv for several decades, promoted the development of culture and education. Yaroslav had family ties with many monarchies of Europe. His daughter Anna became the Queen of France. In 1031, Yaroslav built the grand St. Sophia Cathedral in honor of the victory over the Pechenegs and in 1051 he built the Pechersk Lavra, which became a Centre for confirmation of Christianity in Rus. Both are an adornment to Kyiv today. Besides, the mentioned structures, others were also built: the Desyatynna Church (989-996), Uspensky Cathedral (1073-1078), and many architectural monuments which are famous today. After 1125 began the process of the disintegration of single state Kyivan Russ. This situation was used by Mongolian - Tatar khan Batyy, the grandson of Gengis Kahn. In 1240 Kiev was destroyed and devastated by its hordes. This detained the development of Kiev almost to the century.

Favourite spots:
Legendary Orange revolution in progress
Legendary Orange revolution in progress
All kind of sports are available in Kiev but what I found exciting is so called Urban - Industrial – Climbing. You get so nervous by watching young people climbing on high buildings. Almost heart attack!.. Than real thriller: special police forces arrived with reporters.. Don’t try to repeat that!
You can also join oposing to a goverment strikes that it also common in Kyiv. Tents are the integral part of the view.

What's really great:
St.Nicholas Church
St.Nicholas Church
Pechersk Lavra (monastery) is orthodox monastery based in 1051 by the monks by Antonius and Theodosius. In the 11th century the monastery became the center of propagation and assertion of Christianity in Kyivan Russ. In the museums and the funds, located on the territory Pechersk Lavra it is possible to see the manuscripts the old publication books, the collection of cloths and embroideries. Special interest causes collection from the precious metals, ancient engravings and the work of contemporary artists. Also you can visit a cave - tunnel under the ground lightened by candles you can see tombs with so believed holly people. It is really unforgettable feeling! Moreover Kiev in spring is very beautiful, all covered by flowers.You wont forget it! Night walk in Khreshatik Street that go along city center will introduce you to a different scene. At night center is closed for traffic and many young and old people rushing there to sing, play guitar, meet with friend, etc.

Liberty square
Liberty square
What else was nice is Khreshatic street's underground commercial center with two levels located under Liberty square produced very pleasant impression.
Some Kyiv's records:
1)Museum VOV - 2 or 3 place in the world on the height among the monuments.2)Foot bridge to Trukhanov Island - longest in Europe.3)
Cinema 'Kyivan Russ' is largest of halls in East Europe.4)TV-tower (380 m) - the second place on the height in Europe, after Ostankino.5)Greenest capital city in the world. 6)The deepest in Europe (possibly in the world) station of the metro (Arsenal).

Pechersk Lavra
Pechersk Lavra
Over 140 hotels are ready to serve you. Most expensive hotels of Kiev are Premier - Palas, the Dnepr, President - Hotel , National.
Prices on the average 200 $ per day (*****).
To one star are below - hotels Of Lybed' and Russ for around 100$. Less expensive hotels are Cooperator (in the center), Goloseyevskiy, Prolisok (along the Zhitomir road), Tourist, Bratislava, Slavutich (left bank of Dnepr). Average prices 30-40$.
Renting a flat it Kyiv is expensive.One day cost on avarage 70$.
Note: Kyiv’s Borispol International Airport has a good air connection with Europe, America and Asia. The airport is located 35 km from the center. Bus and taxies are available at the arrival terminal.

Special meal - Kyiv Chicken.See recepie below
Special meal - Kyiv Chicken.See recepie below
If you searching for every kind of entertainment inside of club. I can suggest you club 'Maximym' that has billiard, bowling (10 roads),casino, restaurant, disco, striptease bar, and hookah bar. In weekdays entrance is free, but if you go in weekend it will cost you 8$.Price in Maximym is not very high compare to other such places.

View on Dnipro River
View on Dnipro River
I enjoyed Talgen Pub with Belgian meals and special menu.What you will not surely find in another pubs is soup made of beer with the lentil, pork in the beer and warm lettuces, even vegetables!Also after 20:00 we enjoed alive music played by local band. Advise to try the special hookah called "Talgen".Pub works 24 hours.

One of decoration of restaurant.Ukrainian man
One of decoration of restaurant.Ukrainian man
Prices in Kyiv vary depending how far you are from city center. Comparing to other region of Ukraine Kyiv is most expensive city. Can suggest you restaurant called Tsarist village located in city center offering European and Ukrainian meals.Design of interior is amazing, look like museum of Ukranian culture. Prices over there are from $10 for full meal. Also creit cards are accepted. Especially I recomend you to try special Kyiv's chiken.Here short recipe 4 you: You will need hen sirloin-400g, butter-150g, 1 egg, breadcrumbs.
For the sauce: flour, oil, milk, ground cheese -50g, 1 yolk, salt.
Hen sirloins clean from the films and the tendons, hit by chopper. On the middle place the piece of cold butter, cooked mushrooms, garlic, and cover with the thin strip of the meat of internal (small) sirloin and to shut butter from all sides with meat by wooden stick. Put salt. Moisten in the egg and bread crumb (2 times).Fry in fat,after in owen-220C. Serve directly and with sauce

Other recommendations:
Khreshatik at night!Great place!
Khreshatik at night!Great place!
The average temperature in Kiev in May is 15.5oC, and the precipitations are about 57 mm. Advised to bring an umbrella in view of the spring rains. Bring a light jacket for cooler evenings.
Curency exchange:
Only Ukrainian Hryvnia is acceptable at regular stores and restaurants. Credit cards may be accepted at some hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. You can buy Hryvnia at banks and in a lot of exchange offices all over the city.
Electric current:The electric current in use throughout Ukraine is 220 V, 50 Hz. The connection for appliances is a 2-pin plug (d=4 mm)

Published on Friday January 20th, 2006

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Sun, Dec 02 2007 - 09:56 AM rating by joe_schmidt

Excellent report with very good pictures. The recipe idea is great.

Fri, Sep 28 2007 - 06:07 AM rating by marianne

Excellent report, well written and loads of info.

Sun, Jan 29 2006 - 05:31 PM rating by jorgesanchez

I loved Kyiv when I visited it, but after reading your report I love it much more.

Mon, Jan 23 2006 - 08:16 AM rating by isaacmolina

very beautiful

Mon, Jan 23 2006 - 12:02 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

very very nice report

Sun, Jan 22 2006 - 03:21 PM rating by mistybleu

This report is full of details, and I like the historical aspect as well. I look forward reading more of your reports.


Sat, Jan 21 2006 - 12:17 PM rating by davidx

Masses of information and lovely pics means 5* to me. Thanks

Sat, Jan 21 2006 - 09:32 AM rating by rangutan

Wonderful and informative report with very colourful pictures. A bit short for a capital city.

Sat, Jan 21 2006 - 09:24 AM rating by magsalex

Informative and well illustrated report. A possible future destination!

Sat, Jan 21 2006 - 08:58 AM rating by frenchfrog

Nice report, would love to visit your country it sounds really lovely, good infos.

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