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Tashi's Travel log

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Feb 24, 2010 07:00 PM The great Safari

Well I'm back and and pretty disappointed that I had to leave the vast wilderness of Tz. It was so peaceful, quiet, relaxing.

First stop was Manyara NP saw giraffe, hippo, wildebeest, zebra, baboon, elephants, mongoose, antelope.
Entrance fee and camping fees to be paid. (i'm going to be a resident so I don't have to pay the Mzungo fees! ($35 camping fees compared to 1500 shillings for locals!) park fee about $50 us for foreign, rent tent for $10--Panorama view campsite-and wow, what a view! The landscape from Arusha to Manyara is spectacular, hilly, green, lush and filled with small Masai villages. This is Masai land.

day 2-3-direct to Serengeti -dik dik campsite 2nights-in the camp itself were hyena, baboons(stealing the milk and sugar and jumping into the vehicles) and water buffalo. I saw, lions, giraffes, elephants,leopards and hippos, tons of birds. Serengeti is very hot during the day and cool at night. Very touristy.. lots of safari groups even in low season. All roads from Ngorogoro are dirt, with some impassible because of the rain. We only got stuck once!

Park fees approx $200 and camp fees extra. note Serengeti NP gate only accepts Visa debit or MC NOT direct Visa only!! they don't accept cash! I thought I would not be able to enter cause I only had cash and visa. but a few crocodile tears and they took my cash! :O)

Day 3-4 Ngorogoro Crater NP- Simba Campsite $40 Camp fees. truck fee $15 park entry $50 plus another $50 if going to Serengeti (you have to pay $50 to enter Ngorogoro from Manyara, drive direct through Ngorogoro to Serengeti then pay another $50 to enter back into Ngorogoro from Serengeti.) then you have to pay $200 to enter the crater/truck.

very beautiful, so remote, tons of animals, big lake, worth it for a once in a lifetime experience. But I won't do it again because it's expensive.

Feb 20, 2010 07:00 PM In Arusha for a couple of days

hanging in Arusha for a couple of days, going shopping with my friend to do a tent safari. just me, my friend and his friend and a safari jeep. 5days Serengeti, ngorongo crater, and manayara national parks... hanging with the locals is the only way to go! next update in a week!

Feb 17, 2010 07:00 PM Relaxing in South Beach..

Wow.. look up the word Amobea.. it's something that can knock you on your ass if your not careful! 1 week of being sick.. hospital with 24hr drip!! on the road to recovery.. relax at beach.. off to Arusha in the morning

Feb 11, 2010 07:00 PM Tour of Zanzibar

Taxi for a day $120 000 bargain hard!!!! approx 12 hr day. Tinguu--spice tour pay only a couple 1000 shillings, then to Jozani-Chawaka Bay National park-Mangroves-forest-monkeys (endagered red something). off to Kwenga Matemawe Beach. then to kendra rocks in Numgwi to Mkokotoni(local harbor for Dhows) back to stone town.. not feeling that well

Feb 10, 2010 07:00 PM Zanzibar island

zanzibar via Sea Star Services-non-res pay $35. all boats full so a little kiti kidogo to get a seat on the second boat! arrive 12:30pm, no Electrictiy on the Island for about 2 months now. 1st hotel.. hot as a furnace!!!! went to the sauti za busara festival.. not bad --ate grilled octopus and other grilled goodies--fresh from the sea! busy day tomorrow if I survive the heat in the hotel

Feb 09, 2010 07:00 PM Back in Hot Dars again~!

direct bus to Dars.. no changing buses only 9hrs, no airconditioning but the bus went fast enough to keep us cool.

staying at the Continental hotel tonight $30000 with air. Off to Zanzibar in the morning!

Feb 08, 2010 07:00 PM HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME

Today is my birthday and I have decided to treat my friends family to their favorite meal. turns out to be chicken, yams, coconut rice,fish,spinach, beer and soda. I enjoyed an awesome night with the family and wandering around Ifakara. I bought a cock and 2hens for the family($30000) so they wouldn't have to wait for a special occasion to eat their favorite food! (who knew chickens were an expensive delicacy here! My friend surprised me by bring me to the Kilombero River to see the sunset... normally filled with Hippos and crocs.. but none to be seen this night.. just mosquitoes!
Off to Dars in the morning, I hope the bus ride is faster this time!

Feb 07, 2010 07:00 PM Longer hotter ride to Ifakara!!!

OMG it's so hot!!
5hrs to Ifakara $9000(special deal with local) AL-saedy Royal Class Bus.

Went through the Mikumi National Park saw many Elephants, Giraffes, antelope, buffalo and some other horned animals.

The bus route was good up to past the Park, after that the road is less travelled and most not sealed. Ifakara is considered off the beaten track from the tourist run. I know why!

It is the rainy season and a large semi-truck jacknifed on the road blocking all traffic. after some hours and much digging through the jungle.. a road was built to go around it. Arrive in Ifakara, hot, hungry, cranky and not in high spirits! Arrive 9pm stay at SAYARI ANNEX guest house $15000/night fan/net/clean.. still hot!

Feb 06, 2010 07:00 PM Long hot bus to Morogoro.

Switched to a 3hr bus to Morogoro, (wind storm damaged alot of the city, and took down huge trees)Morogoro is at the bottom of the mtn very lush and green. Morogoro has a huge outdoor market where people from all over the country come to sell. Very busy, place. This is the stopping point to go to the Mikumi National park and Udzungwa National park and waterfalls.. very beautiful. I had dinner with my friends sister's family and saw the city through their eyes.. very beautiful place. Sleep at Mtoni Lodge-Vbadani St. Fan/net $15000.

Feb 05, 2010 07:00 PM Bagamoyo back to Dars

Traveled by minibus to Bagamoyo(catch taxi to Mwenge dala dala station in Dars-$15000) 1 night@Serentity Guest House near terminal AC/fan/net$15000, checked out the Kaole Ruins-Oucho Trans back to dars $1600/person. Bagamoya is a nice place for the beach and the ruins and not much else. A good restaurant is the Florida Restaurant for good Traditional local food. Back to Dars in the morning to catch bus to Ifakara. Ochu Trans-Bagamoya to Dars-Mikejendi stand-- taxi to big bus stop.. HAPPY NATION EXPRESS to Morogoro!

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