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Feb 05, 2010 07:00 PM Dars City tour

Dars is too hot, many tourists on their way to Zanzibar. Dars is like the typical African city with crazy traffic. The National Museum is interesting 6500 for foreigners. Checked out the fish market. I think this would be the most terrible job-fry hot oil all day in building -greasy-hot-smelly. Do not attempt to walk around the fisherman's boats on the beach near sunset. Police will not allow you. this is because there are many robbers in the area and they will rob you and run into the boat area. sometimes they will rob the fishermen. so police don't let anyone but the fishermen inside. In the city centre at night there is traditional drumming and dancing by the local students and very nice little local pubs around. watch out for the mosquitoes at night!
Today off to Bagamoyo to see the Kaole Ruins, then maybe to Arusha where the weather is cooler.

Feb 03, 2010 07:00 PM Dars is HOT HOT HOT!!!

well, it's Feb. 4th and after spending 2days on a plane, being rerouted through Istanbul-$4.00 cup of tea, $20 for lamb casserol, then through Ethiopia. I arrive in Nairobi 03.00am. the airport has no a/c but outside is a nice 20c. $10 transit visa for Cdns if you go outside for a smoke. Check out Gate 14 where there is a nice coffee shop and fruit juice. I a I am very tired. No sleep for 2days and very hungry and hot arrive in Dars at 9am it is so hot 36+80% humidity!
I think I'm not going to stay along the coast for long. I will try to head to Moshe, or Arusha and go on a small safari where the weather is a bit kinder. The Jambo Inn says it has A/C but no, and it is very dirty. Try the Durbin Hotel, with no phone but free internet and clean A/C rooms.
first opinion of Dars is that it's undergoing alot of development. there is alot of highrise contruction. Right now there is a security guard in front of me with a pretty impressive rifle. He is very short, the gun is very long. The gun has a bright yellow security lock on it. mmm how is he going to serve and protect?? I will meet my globohost tomorrow and make further plans.

Feb 01, 2010 07:00 PM from here to Dars! 19hrs!

well I'm on my way tomorrow. from Winnipeg to Toronto to Zurich to Nairobi then final destination Dars Es Saalam tanzania 19hrs there bouts not first trip since 2006. adventure trip that is. last trip was Cuba but that wasn't counted as adventurous.

the temperature here right now is about -30 so when I get to Tanzania and the temp is +30 I should be thoroughly roasted! I am couch surfing in Dars, then ?? don't really have a plan. there is a big festival in Zanzibar from Feb 11 to 16 I want to go to so will plan the trip around that.

well here's to a good nights sleep then off in the morning.
Make it a good one all!

Jan 15, 2010 07:00 PM 17 day countdown

Tickets booked... off to Tanzania on Feb. 2. Where to go? what to do? don't quite know yet.. will probably fly by the seat of my pants as always..

This is the first "overseas" adventure since Tunisia... My health is back to just about normal, my business is up and running and life is good!

Jan 29, 2006 07:00 PM Bonjour from Tunisia!!!

Hey all! pardon my mistakes new keyboard. I'm here after such a long flight.. first thing out of the airport I'm accosted by the taxi drivers, creepy they are sliding up beside you,whispering "do you wanta taxi?" so quiet you would think they were selling dope! I arrived at the hostel in the middle of the medina am pretty dissappointd with it, crappy service; colder than a witches tit! no information about anything and way to many rules, they lock you out from 10am to 2pm and it's been raining all day so far where to go?I'm soaked to the bone! It is also in the middle of the medina so at night when it is closed it's too dark and dangerous for walking Today and tomorrow are holidays "Arabic new year" so they say, I have to put the museum off till tomorrow. I did buy my train ticket to the south I leave to,orrow 8pm, internet is slow and I've been groped by strangers 2x so far Welcome to Tunis!

Jan 27, 2006 07:00 PM Tunisia bound!!

Well it's 8:am, i'm just waiting for my ride to the airport. Leave for Tunisia at 11:15am. If all goes well I should arrive Sunday around 2pm... can't wait.. If I can shake whatever it is I picked up from Mexico that would be awesome! If not... I'm gonna ever so hate squat toilets!!! Still waiting for the Visa from Libya.. seems that I got it, however they are sending it to the embassy in Ottawa.. doesn't do me good since I'll already be in Tunisia. Will try to get it sent to Tunisia some how.. rides here gotta go


Jan 15, 2006 07:00 PM Time to see other things!

So up bright and early... checked out the town...spluged at an awesome restaurant "Mamucas" expensive but worth it... the seafood was so fresh, spicey, delicious that it was jumping off the plate.. the atmosphere was great also! Decided to rent a car.... be careful about this here in tourist land.. the airport will give you a price.. never rent at the airport.. sometimes too expensive.(so I´ve experienced, however, here in Mazatlan, when you rent from downtown they try to stiff you... they want $100usd/day for the car.... argue like crazy!!!! they will go down to $35-$40 with full coverage.,. if not.. go elsewhere. After securing the car we drove to Stone Island, not a big thing.. very nice beach... you drive for a long time to get right across the town across the channel. go to bed early... off to Guanojauto in the AM to see the Museo de Momais..MUSEUM OF THE MUMMIES!!!! can´t wait!!

Jan 14, 2006 07:00 PM Off to Mazatlan!!

Well it´s 5:30am, am off to the airport for the flight to Mazatlan.. leave 9am 1hr late.. arrive Mazatlan 2:30pm.
Surpisingly the weather is quite cool I have to wear a jacket. To find our way to the city centre we have a few options. take a taxi $250p, take a hotel shuttle free provided we can sneak on without notice, a Palmonia(gulf cart looking thing, not worth it for the distance and the traffic, better to use these around town just make sure you don´t pay more than $40p for your rides. The last choice is a shuttle for $65p. Buy the ticket at the booth just outside the main door. The airport is about 45min from the town. Checked into the Hotel Lerma ($140p 2people 2 beds) Ate at a local restaurant cheap and good, tour the city a little, too tired now, am off to bed.

Jan 18, 2004 07:00 PM Life in Samana' Dominican Republic

Its the 19th of the month and ive just finished watching the whales. 45$ a pop.. saw 3. will go the fist week in Feb when its better.

to date. spent 3days in cap hatien with family, then overlanded it to the DR. The road from Ouanaminthe to Djabon was terrible. A 1hr trip took 4hrs, this was due to the rains.
at the border I had to pay a 10$ exit fee, a 10$ entry fee to the DR and will have to pay $25 exit fee from the DR back into Haiti.
We took a motoconcho 20p from ouanaminthe to djabon. we then crossed the border and took a bus 85pfrom djabon to Santiago.. then changed buses ''caribtours to go to Puerta Plata 55p. in PP we at at local joints... a good one being cafeteria comedor libra..
approx. 25$ a day will get you by here in DR,
we stayed in PP for 2 nights checked out the amber museaum and other local sites. nothing really interesting here but we walked around and took in the sites.. PP is mostly a tourist place. we stayed at hotel conado for about 10$ a night..
We left for what supposed to be Sousa but the driver missed the stop and we decided it would be too expensive anyway. we continued on to Samana taking 5 guaguas to make the trip.
PP to El radicio to rio san juan to nagua to sanchez to samana.. about 35'50p per section.

guaguas r alot nicer here than in Haiti.
we got to Samana in

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