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Yosemite Park, California's by angmokio

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information about united-states  Yosemite National ParkUnited States, California
Yosemite Park, California
Uploaded: Sep, 28 2007 | Taken: Sep, 09 2007| Viewed: 191 times  | 19 votes

andreas - Sep, 29 2007 06:09am
What a wonderful picture of Yosemite National Park! I've been there last spring. Is that in the background "half dome"? An absolute excellent panoramic picture! Where did you take it from? I can not really remember a spot with that view. Great Shot!!!!!!

eirissa - Sep, 29 2007 04:09pm
Agree with andreas - great shot, amazing view, must have been a great experience to see it.

davidx - Sep, 30 2007 01:09pm
Angmokio - Terrific - but even with this somebody has only given 4*. If this is not 5*, what on earth is?

rangutan - Sep, 30 2007 07:09pm
Matthias this is the ***** stuff that encourages us to travel even more! [4.7] Some members may find trees and rock common but this is an incredible compilation and composition!

adampl - Oct, 02 2007 02:10pm
Impressive and inspiring. Fully deserved PoM.

geri - Oct, 02 2007 03:10pm
Yosemite is really impressive natural park. Excellent photograph of a majesic place!!!!!! I agree with Adam, fully deserved PoM. Bravo!!!

joe_schmidt - Oct, 02 2007 05:10pm
Such views are one reason for us to travel. To let us enchant by the beauty of nature, especially when there is nothing there to disturb the view. I totally agree on PoM! Well done.

madness - Oct, 03 2007 03:10pm
andreas, similar pic is in yosemite website , you may remember now i think:) congrats for PoM

rangutan - Oct, 04 2007 10:10am
Andy/Burak, the pic at the Yosemite official site was taken in a differnt month and different day time, see the shadows on the cliffs and the clouds. The waterfall on the official site might have been digitally included or it was a wetter season/year?

zrusseff - Oct, 04 2007 11:10am
Sweet! America the Beautiful - captured perfectly. Nice shot! Love the shades of green & blue and the angles and lines. Congrats on POM! Keep on shooting! - your camera of course : )

dantrenner - Oct, 04 2007 12:10pm
What an absolutely great shot. Perfect picture. 5*'s.

mistybleu - Oct, 07 2007 06:10am
I'm so envious, Yosemite is one of the national parks I would love to visit. Nice shot; its so green an lush, it's wonderful!

trekkerman - Nov, 25 2007 12:11pm
picture postcard, makes me want to go camping in the wilds out there !!

aufgehts - Feb, 12 2008 01:02am
Gorgeous! Isn't nature amazing?

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