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King Parrot's by downundergal

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information about australia  BundanoonAustralia, New South Wales
This beautiful fellow regularily comes to visit at my mum's for a free lunch.
Uploaded: Nov, 29 2007 | Taken: Nov, 09 2007| Viewed: 34 times  | 8 votes

szidonia - Nov, 29 2007 09:11am
I love this cute opportunist's vivid colour. Next time say hello from me to him, too :)

picasso - Nov, 29 2007 06:11pm
Wonderful image.This is Australian Eclectus-female.Ones back in Russia we had owned about 60 parrots,actually my grandfather did,and i had learned how to take care for them and learned how to breed them as well.Right now i have only one parrot-African Grey-the most intelligent parrot breed from all the parrots.She is only 2 years old,but she knows over 100 words and sounds,and she speeks in sentences.African Grey parrots live up to 80 years old and are the best companions ever-even more then dogs,believe me i have one as well.African Greys have a brain of a 5 years old human child!There was an experimental African Grey parrot by the name Alex-scientists had provided experiments on African Grey intelligence on him.Very sad,that he only lived up to 31 years old and dyed only resently.I would post out some images of my African Grey baby,so you would know how they look like.And because i personally love parrots,i would rate this image with ***** stars.THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

picasso - Nov, 29 2007 07:11pm
Sorry,my mistake-yes-King Parrot,but very similar to Eclectus as well.

downundergal - Dec, 01 2007 04:12am
This parrot is actually wild but he and a number of other King Parrots, Rosellas and Sulphur Crested Cockatoos are all regulars. This guy decided to take a fairly hard bite of my finger when he thought I should be fetching more seed!
PS I think the African Grey's are magnificent.

zrusseff - Dec, 01 2007 03:12pm
Kerrie, nice birdie, except for the part about his biting you. I love the birds of Australia. I stayed in Perth at a friend's apartment which was a block away from the Botanical gardens. There were these awesome multi-colored birds. Some said that they were "24's".

mortimer - Dec, 01 2007 04:12pm
this is a funny episode and a nice colorful bird. The picture however lacks of sharpness and focus and ist not that travel related. ** to *** something like that.

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