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There are no strangers in the world, only friends that we haven't met yet.

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Joined: Jan 08
Points: 144

Good Photographer

Posted: 2010-12-16 11:06 AM   
Hi Kerrie,
I saw your pics oAustralia, Cuba,Brazil,Cambodia and Bolivia.
Great works of photography.
I hope to see you one time in my country, amybe to make your photo album richer in diversity.
If you wanna to come just let me know! :)



Joined: May 10
Points: 87


Posted: 2010-05-16 05:36 AM   
Pretty country !
How are you ?
Im from Brazil .
We can be friends ?
see u later bye.


Joined: Jan 09
Points: 958

hi Ker

Posted: 2010-04-11 05:06 AM   
Excellent photographs. thx.


Joined: Feb 10
Points: 53


Posted: 2010-02-22 12:30 PM   
Hi Kerrie!!!

How are you? I am new member of this site.I am very much interested in Cambodia Archeological sites.
So I have joined the group.

Mayur A. Shah


Joined: Dec 04
Points: 34719


Posted: 2009-10-08 11:12 AM   
Many moons ago when the world was yet young I wrote a comment on your Madrid report that you had increased my desire to spend a little more time there. At last I have done so. What a city indeed but I hope there were fewer obras when you were there!


Joined: Aug 03
Points: 19539


Posted: 2009-06-22 05:35 PM   
Thanks for you compliment on my Hilltribe report. I keep re-reading your report on Ankgor Wat - that is near the top of my list of places to go next! I so enjoyed that part of the world.

So what have you been up to? Off anywhere special?



Joined: Oct 08
Points: 139

Please Help :)

Posted: 2008-10-15 01:59 PM   
Sorry to have contacted you in this manner, but...

I'm in love with a beautiful woman. I want to do something special for
She was bron in Oxford, England and grew up in Tadmarton, England. I
want to
contact people from around the world and her hometown and ask them to
take a
picture of themselves holding a sign with my words on it. Preferrably
with a
nice background. This would mean the world to me. Thank you very much. I
will return the favor of course. I'm from California.



Joined: Sep 04
Points: 11274

Céad Míle Fálte go hÉirinn

Posted: 2008-08-31 10:10 AM   
One hundred thousand welcomes to ireland.
What a great and generous project you have in hand. For emergencies in ireland i am sending my telephone number by message.
kind regards


Joined: Aug 03
Points: 19539

Life goes on!

Posted: 2008-08-30 06:26 PM   
I envy your trip - it would be so much fun to share the World with my mother-in-law. She has never been out of the US. She has scarcely seen the US.

Lila's health is up and down. She went back packing with me two weeks ago and it was a bit of a trial for her. She wanted to go so badly and I didn't have it in me to say no. Hashimotos has an autoimmune component that results in her getting sick easily so we were especially careful with filtering water. Still, life is good.

Thanks for thinking of us!


Joined: Aug 03
Points: 19539


Posted: 2008-08-30 01:26 PM   
Thanks for the comments on my White Desert report. Risk taking is worth it, although if I known we would be out in the desert all by ourselves, I might have rethought the journey! That said, the best moments were those when we felt like these places were our personal secrets!

Where are you off to next? Son #2 and I are going to Thailand in the spring but until then I have to settle for Palm Springs at Christmas.


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