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Uluru Epuise-moi!! 
The French capital is a melting pot. Everything is in there. History mixes with present, old with ne... more

Uluru Le bon voyage 
Generally,What i have seen was quiet different by what i have heard!my preivious perspective was vis... more

Uluru 24 hours in the City of Lights 
During my very compressed trip to Europe in 2005, I stopped in Paris. It was always part of our agen... more

Uluru Wonderful Paris 
We spent more than a week in Paris (from Tuesday the 8th of June until Saturday the 19th of June) an... more

Uluru Impressions de Paris 
Even if we have had only 4 days to visit Paris, we could see quite a number of wonders, each of whic... more

Uluru Mon Dieu - Not another report on Paris! 
The ‘City of Lights’ is an obvious stop on any tour of Europe, and so my high school group visit... more

Uluru The Rodin Museum, Paris 
I think that most people are probably familiar with The Thinker and The Kiss by Rodin. Their images... more

Uluru Some cheese with that wine? 
Great city. Anything on a cultural scale is here. Significant Arab, southern European, African (all... more

Uluru Quick time in Paris 
My first time in Paris was for a 24hrs tour while waiting to leave the country after back packing in... more

Uluru An American In Paris... 
Rod Stewart once sung of Paris being “…a place you could hide away if you felt you didn&... more

L'amour de loin 
It is impossible to put Paris in any size box. But, I will say that since childhood, I have been fas... more

la france et le parcs 
I went to school in Paris at the Sorbonne for 6 weeks and lived in Paris for almost 3 months. Paris... more

Best view over Paris - in daylight or by night! 
Coming into an unknown city, I love climbing a mountain or getting up onto a rooftop to gain a first... more

Mike's 24 Hours in Paris! 
After the 9 hour flight from Dallas, I arrived in Paris at 9.50am. I had exactly 24 hours until my r... more

Uluru France from my point of view 
France was an extraordinary experience for me. I went there with my parents in 1998. My father is in... more

Uluru Paris, my favourite city 
Known as Lutetia (Lutece) in ancient times, Paris was conquered by Julius Caesar in 52 BC, and exist... more

Paris, city of wonders. 
What can i say about Paris?? The eternal city of light and life. Walk through the latin quarter, go... more

Uluru Trudging, tennis and tunes 
I really must learn to pace myself. It seemed like a good idea at the time!! Having got up at an une... more

Laissez les bonnes temps roulez! 
In March I left rainy Germany to go to Paris, France, for a couple of days. After a few hours drive... more

The streets of Paris 
Paris is candy for the eyes. Everyone has a cell phone, dogs run around unleashed, and the ones on l... more

Uluru Romantic Paris 
Paris has a lot to offer, a lot to see and a lot to do. We spent a bit of time getting from place to... more

Wow. This place looks nice 
Disneyland is big. I got lost all the time. I was too excited in all the places. I havent gone there... more

1-week vacation to Paris 
I went basically not so much to do sight-seeing but to visit my friend who lives in Paris. I went wi... more

Amelie is just one of the stars 
The Highlight of my stay in France was, when I visited Paris for the first time. My host-family was... more

Uluru My favourite location on Earth!!! 
Paris, the capital of France and one of the most beautiful cities of the world... I get pathetic whe... more

City of light and clichés 
This is the capital of France. It's big. It's nice. ...what does one say about a city which is so we... more

quick trip in college 
typically french, but worth seeing once. I was in college, and with a group of people. It was diffic... more

Beautiful Paris 
Its color was hazy blue and its sounds were muted. It was the Paris of cozy cafés and small bistros... more


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