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Paris - A travel report by Constance
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Paris,  France - flag France -  Ile-de-France
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constance's travel reports

1-week vacation to Paris

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I went basically not so much to do sight-seeing but to visit my friend who lives in Paris. I went with my boyfriend and stayed for one week, visiting most of the typciall sightseeing objects a tourist has to see.

Favourite spots:
Sacre Coeur in the evening Amphitheater Jardin du Luxembourg Seine

What's really great:
I did not really like anything special - in fact there was also a lot I did not like. For example the constant strong smell of urine at the Metro stations and on the street and all the dirt around it. That left a bad impression on me and my boyfriend - but has also to do with the fact that my friend lives in the 14th quarter in a quite bad neighborhood. It is much different, once you go to the typical tourist sites. There it is usually clean and not smelling.
It might be different for an American or Japanese but for a Western European Paris is basically just another European city. I had a really nice vacation but there was no "special thing" about Paris. Not that I expected it :) The city is maybe more "magical" and impressive to someone from another continent because to him the European architecture and city layout is something new and special. To me it was like visiting Berlin ;)
But that does not mean, I cannot still enjoy the city and see its uniqueness and typical French culture

Certainly the usual things described in every Travel Guid:
Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, Place de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe, ...
But maybe also look for some nice small parks or places away from the tourist centres.

I stayed with my friend in the 14th quarter, near the station Rochechouart (something like that). I cannot say much to accomodation, but I would not choose a hotel in that quarter ;)
The more to the south (and left side of the Seine) you stay, the nicer the hotels and surrounding will be.

didn't go to any clubs

I didn't go to any pubs, so I don't know about that.

It is quite expensive to go to restaurants, especially (but not only) in the typical tourist parts.
There is a nice Sushi-Bar near St. Severin.... it is difficult to say, there is so many restaurants, some rather simple (and still expensive), others really classy and neat (and even more expensive). Choose whatever you (and your wallet) feel like - I am sure you will find something good to eat.

Other recommendations:
Have a nice classical concerts in one of the many churches - that is a good thing to do (personally we went to Mozart's Requiem at St. Severin).
Also move out from the tourist centre and visit other parts that reflect more everyday life Paris and not tourist Paris. You can also find some nice (and probably cheaper and more peaceful) restaurants there or shops that sell something else than the usual tourist stuff (which is the same in almost any shop within the tourist spots).
Another place I liked was the Amphitheater - there is not much left of it, but there is no tourists, instead it is clean, quiet and gives a nice atmosphere. You can also watch older men play Boccha there.
Paris has some nice spots to have a great time - don't just hang out in the tourist spots.

Published on Monday September 16th, 2002

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Thu, Apr 29 2004 - 10:39 AM rating by travelalain

Hahaha you describe some typical big city phenomena's. But don't let that spoil the other impression that a place gives you. Try to add some photos.

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