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Uluru Second time around.... 
I suppose it is a little wrong to write a report on Munich when we have so many members who actually... more

VIKTUALIENMARK: For breakfast try a weisswurst (THE white sausage) that should be eaten with Suesser... more

Uluru Bavarian charm, metropolitan style 
The second stop on our July 2000 trip to Europe was Munich, capital of Bavaria and home of the Oktob... more

Uluru City of Beer 
Munich is a relatively small city (~1.4 million) and easy to get around in. Busses, trams and underg... more

Bier for all of us!!!! 
What a great city!! The mix between the party time with friends and loans of bier everywhere and the... more

Vom Marienplatz zur Isar 
If you ever come to Munich you should also invest some time to go to “Prien am Chiemsee”. It lay... more

Uluru A weekend in Munich 
My boyfriend and I went for a short weekend trip to the wonderful Munich (München) in Bayern, Germa... more

A short week in Munchen Land 
In august 2003, I went to Munich. It just happened that I was there for the Festival of the Assumpti... more

Uluru Beautiful capital of Bavaria 
Munich is not only my hometown, it is also, arguably the most beautiful city in Germany. It offers a... more

Munich when I was five 
I was born in munich in august 1953. I left when i was five and moved to the United States. Most of... more

The heart and soul of Germany 
I love this city and have returned to it again and again. It embodies everything I love about this c... more

My favorite city 
Very beautiful and exotic city. Full of life and BEER!!! Perfect place to visit to see old buildings... more


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