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rangutan Munich - A travel report by Rudolf
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Munich,  Germany - flag Germany -  Bayern
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rangutan's travel reports

City of Beer

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I live in Munich because I visited and stayed! There are only few cities in the world so clean, safe and organised as Munich. Host to the Oktoberfest and many Exibitions every year.

Rudi & Michael at Olympia Park
Rudi & Michael at Olympia Park
Munich is a relatively small city (~1.4 million) and easy to get around in. Busses, trams and underground rail will get one to within 300 meters of anywhere. Most inhabitants have bicycles (also available for rent) cycle the vast amount of special cycle roads around the city, in parks and along the Isar River.

It was founded in 1175 along the salt-trading route between Salzburg and middle Europe on the crossing of the Isar River, should have been built about 10km downstream at Unterfoering exept that that bridge burnt down misteriously.

Info: The statue "Bavaria" on Theresienwiesse, sight of the Oktoberfest, was used as a model for the Statue of Liberty in New York!

Favourite spots:
Sunny beach at
Sunny beach at "Flaucher"
I go to Hofbrauhaus occasionaly to practice my english with the tourists. Flaucher is a great place to swim, suntan and barbecue. Its a wier on the Isar near the Zoo. The zoo itself is very modern and spacey ie. a friendly-to-the-animals environment. The English Garden near Schwabing is nice and shady and a very romantic place, also Westpark.

What's really great:
Edita & Rudi at Oktoberfest
Edita & Rudi at Oktoberfest
The beergardens of course. The Oktoberfest (runs the last two weeks of September because the weather is better) is the highlight and end of summer climate of partying. There are so many sports events, concerts and parties all summer long, winter then being very dull and boring in the city, only the Christmas and New Year bashes exiting everyone temporarly. Whats really great about Munich is that there is always something happening for any type of interests, its never boring here.

Visitor & Tourist Tip: Just outside the main entrance to the Haupbahnhof and direct on Marienplatz are information offices where one can get general up-to-date info on evererything including current events.

Great view of the stadium from
Great view of the stadium from "Olympiaturm"
Olympia Park

Many Museums and Art Galleries, specially Deutsche Museum (best technical museum in Europe)

Bavaria Film Studios

Nymphenburg Palace and the Botanical Gardens

Saunas and public-baths and halls (latter also in winter)

A climb (for whoever is fit) up Peterskirche tower near Marienplatz is worth the panoramic view over the inner city. Otherwise take the lift at the "Dom".

Forget about on-arrival vacancies during international events! In that case use the services for Guesthouses and guestrooms or find a place on the outskirts of the city.

Luxury class: Hotel Vierjahreszeiten, Bayerische Hof, Sheraton
Standard: Holiday Inn, Kolping Haus
Family: many Guesthouses in the subburbs
Camping: The Tent, really thats the name of the camping site for youths.

GEA - German-English Association (great!)

Bavarian Springbok Club (great!)

For young adults: Zoozies

Bavarian: Hundkuggel and those around Hofbrauhaus
Asian: Hong Kong Bar (classy)

Internet Cafes:
1) direct at the Hauptbahnhof (main trainstation)
2) halfway between Karlsplatz & Marienplatz
3) under Marienplatz (no food but fax, scan & phone service)

For anyone wanting to really learn about the german people and culture (specially if considering moving here) I recommend "Culture Shock Germany" by Richard Lord. The series covers many countries, ive bought those of USA and Phillipines to understand my relatives and friends there, better.

Other usefull Weblinks for Munich: (also in engish, italian and french) (german) (english)

Published on Tuesday August 31th, 2004

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Thu, Dec 29 2005 - 10:12 PM rating by jarome

Nice report. I only spent 1 night and half a day in Munich when I travelled through Europe in 2000. Thats a Contiki tour for you! Clearly there is alot I wasent able to see.

Thanks for your comments as well.

Tue, Nov 09 2004 - 08:33 PM rating by picasso

Dear Rudi ,I had a pleasure to read and understand about the city a bit .
Seems to me you like and enjoy the city a lot.

Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful city with us.


Sat, Nov 06 2004 - 08:45 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii rudi,
actually i was looking for reports on germany and found this one of yours and its really a nice report indeed and well written

Wed, Sep 22 2004 - 04:51 AM rating by beograd

I like your Munich report and thank you for rating my BG report. Soon, we will be neighbours! I'll live in Bad Liebenzel in a few months (or even weeks if we get paper work sooner).

Tue, Aug 31 2004 - 02:07 PM rating by globoeike

Hi Rudi!
Nice report, and very good pictures. Unfortunatelly a little bit short - maybe you can extend it with some more information.

Go on!


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