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Uluru Still a bit nervous? 
The first sight of Hong Kong did not impress me at all. What I saw were just clusters of stupidly t... more

Uluru Hong Kong: The Gateway to China 
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HK) is the official name after being returned to China in 1... more

Uluru Exotic Hong Kong 
Spread around a magnificent harbour Hong Kong is a heady mix of east meets west, towering skyscraper... more

Uluru My new home in Hong Kong 
To be blunt, Hong Kong is a whirlwind of noise pollution, air pollution, traffic jams, line-ups, red... more

Uluru Hong Kong - and China's Pearl River Delta 
I had visited Hong Kong over 10 years ago and was anxious to see how much it had changed after Brit... more

Uluru Hong Kong - city of great extremes 
On my flight from Europe to Australia I had a 72 hour layover in Hong Kong. A fantastic opportunity... more

Uluru Hong Kong- Overwhelming but Worth the Confusion 
Spent a week in Hong Kong with two friends. We stayed in a hostel in Kowloon, took the ferry back an... more

Uluru Hong Kong - Outside the mega-city 
There are more than 23 country parks, 29 country trails (up to 20 km), 4 hiking trails (50 km or abo... more

Uluru In Hong Kong with SARS outbreak 
This is a travelogue about the trip that my wife, Nikki, and I took to China (Beijing, Xi’an and H... more

Uluru Kowloon (2001) 
What a place!!! I absolutely loved the City. Everywhere you go you can smell the smell of coconut oi... more

Uluru Green & Blue in Hong Kong 
A refreshing side of Hong Kong can be found on a rented junk, cruising out of Victoria Harbour towar... more

hong kong stop-over 
Hong Kong is a very busy city with a special mixture of traditional chinese and british influences.... more

Awesome Hong Kong Trip - Crazy Shopping 
well, i went to Tsim Sha Tsui area where most of the brands located, even Duty Free Shops. Sometimes... more

The capital of Industrialized China and former British Colony, this tiny city/state continues to thr... more


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