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Uluru Budapest for the second time dazzles even more. 
The west bank of the Danube is called Buda. Pest is the name of the east bank. Both have great sight... more

Uluru Chocolate Bananas 
I think I was lucky to have great weather in early June, but generally the hottest time of the year... more

Uluru Two Walks in Budapest 
Budapest is huge. It covers 525 square kms, has a population of 2 million and consists of 23 distric... more

Uluru Budapest, a city with a soul 
From the Budavari Palota, the castle on the Gelert hill, you see the partly restored Parliament Buil... more

Uluru A perfect weekend in Budapest! 
Last week I got a tip from one of my colleagues that Budapest is the right place to go for an extend... more

Uluru Weekend is not enough 
City is located over the Danube River which is an backbone of the city. On the left side is Pest, on... more

Uluru Where a heart can be lost… 
Budapest is really huge and the sights all over, so the best transportation is the metro – subway... more

Welcome to Budapest! 
Budapest is a cosmopolitan city and one of Europe's most important capitals. Pest is the commercial... more

Uluru Budapest, a true capital city 
The different sides of the river - Buda and Pest sides have their own character and appeal. Each kee... more

Uluru Budapest budget 
During your three-day stay, there are at least three things that are recommended for you to do: Fi... more

Uluru Paprika and Gulash 
Set on the glorious Danube River, Budapest and hungarians have continuously produced most remarkable... more

Budapest, the Paris of the east. 
Budapest, also known as the Paris of the East, is a really an impressive city. This great city is co... more

Undeveloped country however becoming more popular and touristy spoiling its charm. Beautiful archite... more

Surviving Hungary 
It's easy to get lost here -- and we did -- what with the lack of street signs and the spaghetti bow... more


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