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So many stories, so many pics
In the mean time feel free to drop a comment or two.

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Joined: Dec 04
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Cobra story

Posted: 2005-07-30 06:13 AM   
Hi Tashi
Thanks for sharing this great piece of writing.
Cheers, David


Joined: Jul 05
Points: 6

Asante sana!

Posted: 2005-07-07 12:29 PM   
Asante sana for the kind words.
Kila kitu safi tu here in coventry.. I do prefer Africa but hey we cant have it all can we!!!
Where did u learn your swahili?

Am rather new with this site so it will defff take time for me to get used to it better and make better use of it too:)

Take care and chat to yu again sometime soon:)


Joined: May 04
Points: 6895

Greetings !

Posted: 2005-07-01 07:36 PM   
Hi Tashi,
Thanks for viewing my cruise at Kochi backwaters album. I now remembered the foto you queried about. The boat in foto no 11 was one filled with shell after removing the mussells from inside ( its eaten as a delicacy). These shells are then used to make lime (calcium carbonate). That's what I gathered from the locals. Hope this is a reasonable explanation. This is the best I can provide, ha ha ha !
Take care and stay in touch.
Kris Kandath


Joined: Sep 04
Points: 16785

hiya Tashi!

Posted: 2005-06-27 01:10 AM   
Thanks for reading my report.
Was trying to oedit it by providing more info... but somehow it did not save ;(
Well to answer your query, its a secular state, and yes mostly are muslims... though they are very friendly people! Nothing like any of the middle-eastern countries. I took a package from singapore and i understand it is linked to a land tour agency in turkey, ie namely Renk United. If you like, i can provide you the mobile number of the guide, Atilla, he is very reliable and the best in his field!
Must add that i had a truly memorable time in Turkey and i hope you make the decision to go there. Trust me, no regrets!


Joined: May 04
Points: 6895

Greetings from Kerala, India !

Posted: 2005-06-11 08:46 PM   
Hi Tashi,
Greetings from 'God's Own Country'. I was looking through your fotos. They are great. Perhapes one day you could visit us here in India. Take care and keep in touch,
Kris Kandath


Joined: May 03
Points: 8634

Last Trip

Posted: 2005-06-08 10:29 AM   

It certainly is nice to see some of the photos from your latest trip. I know that we discussed some of the details. Everything sounds as though it worked out well. Was everything okay for your mother? Please tell us more about your trip.

By the way, did you get to go into Mammoth Cave?



Joined: Sep 04
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Posted: 2005-03-27 09:29 PM   
Great photos, and lifestyle!
Go Ahead Mate.
Really interesting Travel site:)


Joined: Apr 04
Points: 5264

just browsing.

Posted: 2005-01-10 12:34 PM   
hey there,

Just flipped through your photos...loved the mexican ones ...maybee heading down there soon....would be great to see in real life....Any highlights you rekon I shouldnt miss.?





Joined: Aug 04
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Posted: 2005-01-09 09:26 AM   
I was admiring your Mexico shots, Zaci-Ceynote specially, some of them ***** stuff if the picture was sharper. Could the focus problem be from scanning using a too low dpi or enlarging the picture? If not, the focus could be corrected partially using PhotoShop or similar tools. I can help with that if you need (use "contact")... sure love these pictures:


Joined: Dec 04
Points: 34719

Your recent photos

Posted: 2005-01-09 08:20 AM   
I've been really enjoying myself looking at these. Fine stuff. Keep it rolling!

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