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Tashi's Guest Book

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So many stories, so many pics
In the mean time feel free to drop a comment or two.

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Joined: Jul 04
Points: 673

You've been to many neat places

Posted: 2004-10-07 09:50 PM   
You've been to many neat places...and places that not many people dare to go.

I applaud you. Keep up the good work.



Joined: Jul 04
Points: 15194

How was Central America?

Posted: 2004-10-07 07:44 PM   
So when are we going to see some pics or read a report from your trip last month?


Joined: Jun 02
Points: 3862

My other travel site

Posted: 2004-03-20 12:37 AM   
Hi, in response to your email... I wrote a lot for and personally authored their official guide to Montreal, Canada which is on sale online. I pen under the nickname of "drmaximus"... some day, I will find time to transfer all those entries over to Globo. I no longer write for IGoUGo because I find that they have become far too commercial for my taste.


Joined: Aug 03
Points: 228

hi ! your reports are interesting

Posted: 2004-03-17 01:59 PM   
Dear Tashi,

Your reports are interesting. Have you ever visited India? I hope you will one day to see Taj.



Joined: Mar 03
Points: 15

Greetings & Introduction

Posted: 2004-03-15 08:39 AM   
Dear Tashi,

Hi there, Hope things are in order...

I have just read your comments, especially about your saying 'Trust Allah and tie your camel...! where have you hear about it...? do you really understand it meaning? do you beleave in it? will be more than happy to hear more about this subject, if you don't mind...No doubt your early action and prompt reply will be highly appreciated and will speed-up the subject matter.

Thank you and have anice day...!

Best Regards,


Joined: Sep 03
Points: 20248

Haiti, out if bounds

Posted: 2004-03-10 12:56 PM   
I was just reading your haiti journal (again) What a shame that the country is now in turmoil. It wil take a long time bbefor everything is back to normal.

If you have time you might like to read my latest journal about Stone Town, Zanzibar.


Joined: Feb 04
Points: 3

What's up?

Posted: 2004-02-19 06:30 PM   
Hey, this is QtLil_Lady stoppin' by to show you a lil' love from the STATES. USA ROCKS! I love your pic'x


Joined: Oct 03
Points: 8654

Hi Tashi!

Posted: 2003-12-17 05:57 PM   
So, when are you going to finish your report on Sabou? I can't hold my breath too much longer! :-)

Maybe you'll find time during the holidays?




Joined: Sep 03
Points: 20248


Posted: 2003-10-30 06:46 AM   
Thank you for making me your friend. I have not started doing this yet, but you wre on my list as well.


Joined: Oct 03
Points: 8654

Brave Woman!

Posted: 2003-10-29 05:04 PM   
Hi Tashi! I really enjoyed reading your reports, especially the Port-au-Prince one. You travel to some unusual destinations... I am interested in learning if you travel by yourself, and what things you've learned about keeping safe in risky places. Thanks for sharing!

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