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Lyla's Guest Book

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I write on a number of web sites.

Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.

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Joined: Mar 06
Points: 2322

London slideshow

Posted: 2006-10-03 05:26 PM   
Thanks for your message about my slideshow, glad you enjoyed it.

The statue you mention is of Sir Isaac Newton at work, it's a 4m high bronze that sits outside the British Library near Kings Cross.

Kind Regards


Joined: Sep 04
Points: 4582


Posted: 2006-10-03 02:35 PM   
Many thanks for your nice words and comments:)


Joined: Sep 06
Points: 56

i still prefer boeing to airbus...

Posted: 2006-10-03 01:10 PM   
i'm earning my dough as an aircraft technician wif my national carrier, SIA. their staffs' complimentary tickets sure do come in handy for my travels! hehe


Joined: Sep 06
Points: 56

singapore has no soul

Posted: 2006-10-02 12:38 AM   
hiya lyla... =)

bugis street? yeah, it was full of transvestites in the 40s. but rest assured i'm not one of em! haha.

well actually, my ancestors are bugis. a tribe of brave seafarers hailing from sulawesi (indonesia). they played a dominant role in singapore's early trading history. wats left of dem now, is a sad street in their rememberance, selling stuffs bought from bali/bangkok which are sold for 10x higher!!!


Joined: Oct 05
Points: 4803

thank you

Posted: 2006-10-01 01:35 PM   
hi lyle,thank you for reading my report,yes you thought like the other guys,that we cover our body..but we just do it in social not our private life,ofcourse it depends on our belief:)


Joined: May 05
Points: 41625

Hola Lyla

Posted: 2006-09-30 02:46 PM   
Lyla, thanks for your message.
I made recently the Saint James pilgrimage on foot, so the information to write the travel tips is still fresh in my memory (and in my notebook!).


Joined: Sep 04
Points: 1084


Posted: 2006-09-30 01:16 PM   

Thanks for your feedback on the Kumarakom report.

I also appreciate a lot your comments on the pictures :-)

Have a cheerful weekend



Joined: Jan 04
Points: 507

Puerto Galera

Posted: 2006-09-29 10:09 PM   
Yeah, I've been to PUerto Galera. That was the first report of mine you read. lol Great place.


Joined: Mar 05
Points: 2121


Posted: 2006-09-29 10:05 PM   
Hi, Lyla

I thought nothing, when I saw you said looking my slide is very interesting, I'm just interested in what you said. :)

Glad to know you enjoyed my travel tips. Will try to add more.

Have a nice day!



Joined: Dec 05
Points: 26139

HI lyla

Posted: 2006-09-29 06:46 AM   
I am just come back from Bhutan, it was really nice the country is really fascinating, I loved it. I am still in kathmandu, I am going trekking in the Everest region in 2 days time.
see you soon

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