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gloriajames Bali - A travel report by Gloria
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Bali,  Indonesia - flag Indonesia
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Sun Sea Surf Sand Shopping Sightseeing and Sex

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Bali - That’s the impression I got when I finally visited the Island of Gods aka Bali – voted the best island in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine’s annual poll in August 2009. report of the month contest
Nov 2009

Kecak + Fire Dance Performance @ Uluwatu
Kecak + Fire Dance Performance @ Uluwatu
Bali is just two hour’s plus away from Singapore and it took me many many years later to make my 1st visit there. I have always wondered what the hype was about and when my younger sister visited Bali twice in a year and Tokyomike planning another Bali holiday….I realized something was amiss in my thinking and I decided to go book a short holiday to Bali. And now I wished that I have done it sooner! I am so in love with Bali after my maiden voyage!

I flew on Air Asia using the promo rates and with the help of, I secured the best rates for top-end accommodation at Blue Point Bay Villa and Spa Hotel, Intercontinental Resorts, The Oberoi.

Further, I was so lucky to have Mr Rai [] as my personal guide/driver for the duration of my stay.

Little did I realize that I was going to do 5 out of the 7 deadly sins. I had booked to stay at Uluwatu, then to Jimbaran and then to Seminyak. Mr Rai thought that I was a sun-sea-sand kinda girl or a sunset-seeker or someone who wants to just relax by the beach.

Ok…here are the sins I committed …..Sun Sea Sand Sightseeing Shopping …. Probably it’s best to also include sunrise sunset swimming slurping sipping snacking snapping (ie taking photos) and sweating (as it was 28 degrees min and 33 degrees max !) ??? Honestly…sleep was something I hardly got, just max 5 hours a day.

Bali epitomes relaxation, beauty, rich culture, food, friendly people, and every month, there is some sort of festivities and celebration. I was told that one can celebrate their birthday twice in a year. Why? Apparantly according to Hindu Bali calendar (?) there's 210 days in a year.

And when driving, don't get alarmed if your driver is not wearing a seat belt. Why? There's low accident rate and the Balinese drivers have a high tolerant and patience when on the road. I thought that was comforting (";) to know.


Favourite spots:
view from Blue Point Bay Villa + Spa Hotel @ Uluwatu
view from Blue Point Bay Villa + Spa Hotel @ Uluwatu
The Sin of Sightseeing:
As I stayed at Blue Point, it was just a couple of minutes drive to Pura Luhur Uluwatu - aka the Sunset Temple for a Kecak + Fire Dance performance as the sun sets. Be aware of the monkeys. Don't get carried away and get friendly with them. They are fierce!!! They grab your sunglasses and your ponytail is not even spared. Despite that drama, the view from the point is breathtaking. So is the Kecak + Fire and dance show with the sun setting as the backdrop.

Head to Tegallalang to view the spectacular but small rice terraces. The greenery is simply beautiful. Take advantage of the cheap handicrafts that are sold there. As you drive along, you will notice miles of shops on both sides of the roads. You can bargain, but why bother, when the items are very reasonably priced.


What's really great:
Tanah Lot @ Sunset
Tanah Lot @ Sunset
The Sins of Sightseeing and Sunset at:

Pura Tanah Lot (meaning small island floating on the sea) – The Rocky Temple of the Sea was built based on a Balinese mythology of the 15th century. It takes about 40 mins to reach there from Seminyak.

Lonely planet calls it a massive tourist trap. I can understand why. Just to get to the temple sight, one has to pass many many shops lined at both sides of the road from the entrance to the temple. There are many areas where one can view the sunset. I chose to view it from the top ie opposite the temple, sitting at a bar, sipping my fresh coconut juice as watching the colour display of sunset. It was truly mind-blowing!

Another tourist attraction at Tanah Lot, is the Tanah Lot "pet" snake. It's long and massive and if you dare, for a price, you can have your picture taken with the snake.


Small Rice Terraces
Small Rice Terraces
For more Sins of Sightseeing:

And the place that one should go to is Ubud.

Trust me, you will not regret this decision as it is not worth spending your time at Kuta, Legian or Sanur region, where you will find most of the tourists or budget backpackers. If you want peace, relaxation, and to soak in the culture, nature and to discover the true Bali, and feel inspired by it, then go to UBUD, which is just an hour or so from Kuta, Jimbaran and. Seminyak. Why?? Ubud is surrounded by most of the things that bring people to Bali - scenic rice fields, small villages, art and craft communities, ancient temples, palaces, rivers, cheap accommodation and unique luxury hotels.

For the Sins of Shopping:

Besides Ubud, the places that you should haunt are the stretch from The Oberoi streets and that of Jalan Raya Seminyak. They have the best to die for shopping pleasures for apparels, houseware and furniture. Many well-known European, Aussie and American designers have set up their shops here.

one of the 71 villas @ The Oberoi Bali @ Seminyak
one of the 71 villas @ The Oberoi Bali @ Seminyak
The Sins of Sun Sea Sand Surf Sleeping ...etc:

My indulgences:

1. Blue Point Bay Villa and Spa Hotel @ Uluwatu -

It is described as the ultimate coastal resort situated at the top of the cliff. I must add that the views are beautiful here, and you feel so close to the Indian Ocean. And if you do stay here, take a quick drive to the Bulgari Hotel, which is so tastefully done, with equally breathtaking views. You will realise that the sea area is calmer than that at the Blue Point.

2. Intercontinental Resorts @ Jimbaran

I got upgraded to the Club International Suite. Really posh!! Ok, the hotel has more than 400 rooms and despite that, it is ever so cosy and peaceful! The vast hotel area and gardens and beachfront make you want to stay in ! I never felt so relaxed and recharged!

3. Finally, I stayed at most talked about The Oberoi @ Seminyak.,

And it lived up to expectations!

Fire Performance
Fire Performance
The Sins of Sipping, Snacking, Smooching, etc..:

Plenty!! Where do I start!!

Well it all depends on what you fancy. Loud? Crowded? Private? Cosy? And where??????

Kuta is the obvious popular choice if you are young and wishing to hanging out and dance to dawn. There is also the Hard Rock Hotel for entertainment and a place for you to stock up on your HRC tees if you are a fan.

If you venture to Jimbaran, your entertainment is best being at the Jimbaran Beach for a variety of seafood feasts!!

If you are like me, then Seminyak would be the choice, where you can sit back, lounge, enjoy the cafe del mar music and sip your cocktail and watch the glorious sunset. A treat not to be missed.

As the hotels' bars and restaurants tend to cater to smaller crowds, and if you wish to hangout and mix with other tourists, then places to go to would be Chandi and Mykonsos restaurants, Breeze, Ku De Ta [actually no one leaves Bali, without visiting this joint (";)]. That's the big hint.

chilling out at the Intercontinental Hotel @ Jimbaran
chilling out at the Intercontinental Hotel @ Jimbaran
For the Sins of Slouching, Smooching... perhaps, etc....:

Why go else where when its so pretty to hangout by the hotel’s beaches! Yes….with The Intercon Resorts and The Oberoi being beachfront hotels and The Oberoi being a neighbour to Ku De Ta, and these joints simply secure the best beach seats in the house for you! Envisage, your private beach, beautiful sand, great service, ambience, sights are spectacular, and with all the sins of sun sea surf slurping sipping snacking swaying swimming sex etc..... you will be glued to these areas! Do a quick internet search and practically all will vouch for Intercon and The Oberoi having one of the best private beaches in Bali.

If you can't get enough of the beaches on the east side ie at Jimbaran Bay, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, then head to the west side, ie where Sanur and Nusa Dua are. The beaches there are good but you have to put up with the tons of tourists!

Why not consider taking a day trip to Nusa Penida on your own private boat.

Balinese Satay @ Jimbaran Gardens, Intercontinental Hotel
Balinese Satay @ Jimbaran Gardens, Intercontinental Hotel
For the Sins of Sipping, Slurping, Snacking :

Check out the restaurants:

@ Uluwatu – You can dine at Blue Point Bay Villa + Hotel, alternatively if you feel like slurging, go to the Bulgari Hotel with a choice of Italian or Asian with International cuisine.

@ Jimbaran – Of course, Jimbaran Beach with a wide selection of seafood cafes/restaurants.

@ Seminyak - The Oberoi has great food and a well-known chef! But with Seminyak being the mecca of food streets, you will definitely be spoilt for choices! Btw...the Indian food at Queens' Tandoor is very yummy!

@ Ubud – you can't leave without trying the suckling pig at Ibu Oka 2; and the crispy duck at Dirty Duck Diner.

Other recommendations:
Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach

Best way to explore would seem to have a personal driver / guide, and if you have a licence, then to get a motorbike. Rates for a private driver + car is US$45 for max 12 hrs use per day.


Make Bali your mecca and holyland pilgrimage or you will regret it for not visiting the BEST ISLAND IN THE WORLD !!!!


For more on Bali, do read the reports of fellow Globies: Marianne, Krisek, Alexsbg.

Published on Sunday November 29th, 2009

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Tue, Jan 05 2010 - 10:37 PM rating by eirekay

5 out of 7! Now that's a great trip! What a terrific report written with great humor and marvelous insight!

Fri, Dec 18 2009 - 05:32 AM rating by jorgesanchez

congratulations for RoM!
I have read it 2 times, interesting, but the title says about sex, and I could not find anything in the text about sex. Where is the sex?!!!

Mon, Dec 07 2009 - 03:34 PM rating by krisek

Great many things have been said in this report, Gloria. And so many external links... I personally prefer to avoid upscale hotels, given my past experiences with 'working girls' invading bars in those, I made it my principle. Since, I opted for stays at places where I can meet other travellers and exchange stories, experiences, hints, seek advice, etc. If I am travelling for work, I am usually put up at the comfortable accommodation options, so when I travel for pleasure, I like to do something different. This way also, I kind of save money for better places to eat out, partying and 'buying a round' for friendly locals, sponsoring a school... Every now and again I like to splurge a little myself, making sure I am safe in those 5* establishments.

I am not sure however, if I am going to plan to go back to Bali any time soon. Ubud I did not enjoy that much - too many dogs on the loose everywhere! And I do have a different island as my favourite in the world... :)

Thanks for sharing!

Sun, Nov 29 2009 - 11:38 AM rating by tokyomike

Great report! And mentioned by name, no less. Thanks :) Although I'm a much lower budget kind of guy -- some might even dare go so far as to call me a cheapskate -- I'll never see the Oberoi -- I still have the exact same impression of Bali that you do. Just one trip and it was a favorite destination. I did not, as it happens, hit Ku De Ta, but I will next time for sure. Ubud only got bumped from my agenda due to work, and next trip Uluwatu is a 100% definite stop. Thanks for so much intel on where to go! Actually, I should get my ass in gear and post something here as well. The more cool Globosapiens types who know about Bali the better -- all people that I consider to be hard core "real" travellers, and the kind of people I love to meet on the road. Again, thanks for the stellar report :)

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