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Brasil - A travel report by Gabriela
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Brasil,  Brazil - flag Brazil
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Fernando de Noronha Island-BRAZIL´S HIDDEN BEACHES

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I invite you to come and visit one of the last great relatively unknown spots on the planet, where pristine (and nearly empty!) beaches and emerald-green waters flank a marvelous National Marine Park and island that remains staunchly protected..

Brasil travelogue picture
The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is composed by 21 islands and islets, and only one is inhabited - the largest island which is also called Fernando de Noronha. The main island of Fernando de Noronha has 17km2 and sits on top of a volcanic submarine mountain, which base is 60km wide and 4km deep.

Climate - The archipelago has only two seasons: rainy season usually from February through July and dry season usually from August through January. Prevailing winds come from east and southeast (trend winds) and the average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. Sea currents move westward and the water temperature is about 24 degrees all year. There are currently approximately 2.300 inhabitants in Fernando de Noronha Island and their main activities are: public service, fishing, farming and tourism.

National Marine Park (PARNAMAR) - Approximately 70% of the archipelago's total area has been turned into a National Marine Park back in 1988, because of its striking scenery, exceptional geographic location, presence of endemic species, its strong genetic potential, and also constant claims from National and International Environmental entities. In 2002 it has also been given the title of World's Natural Heritage by UNESCO. Because of those titles, and in order to preserve this archipelago and perpetuate its sustainable visitation by ecotourists from all over the world, there are certain rules that need to be followed during your presence in Fernando de Noronha.

Favourite spots:
Brasil travelogue picture
Sancho Beach (inner sea) - Elected by Guia Quatro Rodas as the most beautiful beach in Brazil ! During winter, Sancho gives us as a bonus - two beautiful waterfalls

Cacimba do Padre- Beach -This beach is also known as surfers paradise from January to March. Hang Loose Worldwide Surfing Contest takes place right here. It is the beach right next to Baia dos Porcos and where you can also see Morro Dois Irmaos or Two Brothers Peaks and that is exactly why the sunset in relation to Dois Irmaos and the sea is so beautiful seen from this beach. Most of the times, you will find someone selling coconut, water, sodas, beer and chips/cookies out of an ice-box under a wooden cabin located on this beach or at the parking area (but that is all you will find :)

What's really great:
Brasil travelogue picture
There is professional surfer (three-time Noronha champion), Sergio, who was born on the island and spends most of surfing season traveling around championships in Brazil, South America, and Mexico. When he is here, he gives excellent surf lessons on Praia do Meio, a great beach for beginners. He is so confident in his ability to get you up on the board, he'll even wager a case of beer or guaraná with anyone who doubts their ability to surf (Here's a hint: Don't take the bet. You will lose!). Sergio also takes guests snorkeling at some of the less touristy, more intimate places around the island like Morro do Fora, Morro Dois Irmáos, and Praia do Boldró. He also rents snorkeling gear and surfboards here at the lounge as well.

You also can choose to have Yoga Personal classes (hatha,asthanga or vinyasa).

Brasil travelogue picture
Just an FYI for those of you looking for cheap accommodations in Fernando de Noronha .There is a very cool hostel there now called Native Lounge. It's a chill environment in a native home and everyone there is fluent in English -- a godsend on this island!

Native Lounge hostel is a space for foreign travelers to come together in a community space to share living, cooking, traveling, internet, and relaxation time, they ealize that the needs and desires of travelers vary widely! Nonetheless, their mission is to help connect the non-Portuguese speaking traveler to the vast resources of the island community, including accommodations. So whatever your travel needs, they can help!

Prices range from R$40-$130 depending on the room and occupancy ...You can buy your own groceries and cook, so that helps). You can contact Adriana at Your Way (, for reservations at the hostel or another kind of accomodation.This travel agency is very helpfull!

Palhoca da Colina, Cacimba Bistro and Flaymboyant

Other recommendations:
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Sea Turtles (baby turtle going to water, average of 100 per nest) - From January to July sea turtles of the species "Chelonia mydas" choose a couple of beaches of Noronha to lay their eggs. The most popular are Leao, Boldro, Cacimba and Sancho Beach.

Published on Friday May 30th, 2008

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Sat, Jun 07 2008 - 12:37 PM rating by jorgesanchez

glad you also visited this paradise

Sat, May 31 2008 - 10:33 AM rating by rangutan

There are two villages in Brazil named "Brasil", one in the Deep Amazonas and one in the Mato Grosso. This report should be deleted and reloaded to "Fernando de Noronha" the island. Great beaches but sounds like advertising for the hostel? Excellent reports should describe some personal views, opinions or experiences. This would make a great destination report under the tab "Guides".

Sat, May 31 2008 - 05:03 AM rating by louis

A very interesting. A lot of informations about the place I knew so little. Very good pictures

Fri, May 30 2008 - 02:47 PM rating by davidx

A very good report, particularly for a first! It needs mor sections to be completed to get 5*

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