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Cairo - A travel report by Brad
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Cairo,  Egypt - flag Egypt -  Al Qåhirah
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Sensory overload!

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Cairo travelogue picture
Cairo could be described as an organized India...but that isn't saying much! It completely bashes your senses because there is so much going on around you. A city of 14 million with one of the highest pollution rates in the world (highest in Africa), it creates an experience unlike any other. Traffic is absolutely out of control and makes Mexico City seem like a walk in the park. For such a vast city, a lot of the culture has seemed to survive mainly because there is little diversity. Just LAUGH! when you hear people screaming and verbally fighting over the price of the head of a cow and LAUGH! when you hear people yelling and screaming about what a nice day it is...everything is so incredibly different from the west which is what makes it so enjoyable! There is too much to say about Cairo in such a short space, however, from the Pyramids to sheesha (tobacco), there is truly something for everyone.

(Pictured here is a boat found buried in front of one of the great pyramids)

Favourite spots:
Cairo travelogue picture
Islamic Cairo is one of the most unique places one can go. In particular, there is a coffee/sheesha place that has been open for something like 240 years, 7 days a week, 24 hrs a day. Never closed. Ask around for it or at the hotel. I never did find out the name. Be careful around this place on Friday at noon (when noon prayer breaks)...could be a little risky if you are of non-arab decent.

The Museum of Antiquities is also a must in Cairo. It is incredibly overwhelming and there is no way to appreciate it. The basement of the museum is so full of artifacts that further excavations may have to be done in the future (literally).

What's really great:
Felafal for pennies. Good, cheap good. Smoking sheesha on the city streets (a must do, try the apple spiced or varying kinds).

Cairo travelogue picture
Islamic Cairo, day trips on a faluka (small sail boat, but I would not suggest the 3 day trips), Mosque of Mohammad, and naturally the pyramids!

Cairo travelogue picture
Would suggest going to Tahrir Square and looking for a place. Trust in your Rough Guide or Lonely Planet...all their suggestions are great.

Published on Tuesday September 17th, 2002

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Mon, Nov 22 2004 - 09:52 AM rating by gloriajames

perhaps you could edit this report to include more info??

Wed, Oct 29 2003 - 01:31 PM rating by marianne

Fillafals, I would spell it: felafal. Delicious! Spelling all depends how the individual transcribes Arabic. But I think 'felafal' is one of the accepted transcriptions

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