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luv2mtnbike Cancun - A travel report by Mary
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Cancun,  Mexico - flag Mexico -  Quintana Roo
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luv2mtnbike's travel reports

Isle Mujeres, Mexico

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Isle Mujeres is the eastern most point of mexico. It is an island only 7 miles long and hardly a half mile wide. The views were like nothing I have ever seen. I would definitley recommend Isle Mujeres to honeymooners and backpackers. It was a blast!

This was paradise. The night life was awesome and the beaches were white with crystal blue warm water. It made snorkeling really amazing. You could see so many fish and under water life! The sun sets where amazing as well.

Favourite spots:
My favorite spot on the whole island was the eastern most part where the mayan temple of fertility was. The whole area was so beautiful. They also had famous artist from around the world build tons of sculpture art. It was really cool. Also, they had a zip line that went over the water! It was a four part zip line, starting at the top of a cliff diving into the water. It was so fun! After the zip line we walked around the tip of the island at the bottem of the cliffs, they made a walk way. The waves were almost at eye level, just crashing into the cliffs right next to us. I was completely overwhelmed with the views. My favorite in town hang out was this little coffee shop. To this day it was the most relaxing location I have every been in!

What's really great:
I loved that I got to share all these experiences with my amazing husband, Gabriel:)

You can be the first person in Mexico to see the sun rise, which is pretty cool.
The Mayan temple is something to see as well.

We stayed at the Avalon all inclusive Reef Resort. It was nice for a honey moon, but if you were just vacationing, I would stay at a local hotel. They are really nice and have nice ammenities.

I don't remember any names, but they were good.

Other recommendations:
Moped around the entire island. It was amazing! You can also see all the hurricane damage.

Published on Tuesday March 21th, 2006

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Wed, Mar 22 2006 - 01:09 PM rating by bear495

I was confused about this being placed in Cancun, when there is already a report area for Isla Mujeres. You might consider doing a small bit of research about the location so that you can accurately describe the location. Others have already stated that photos would add tremendously to your report.

Many people add descriptions of Garrafon and Playa Norte, which are normal sites on the island. Inclusing some information and insights about those would be helpful.

You might consider adding some detail into the areas other than the introduction.

Wed, Mar 22 2006 - 07:07 AM rating by marianne

You give good information, I find it so interesting that I would like to read more. Could you add some photos? That would be really nice.

Here is a link to report guidelines, it is still a draft maybe you can give

Here is a link to report guidelines. It is still a draft, maybe you could give your opinion.

Wed, Mar 22 2006 - 02:41 AM rating by gloriajames

hiya mary
nice read for a first report.
hope to see more from u!

Tue, Mar 21 2006 - 08:02 PM rating by rangutan

A good start and first report. Pictures are not essential if the place is very well described. The husband stuff should rather be in your 'travel log', since that does not help us learn much more about this place, unless he lives there and will invite us ;-) Otherwise a great tip for the romantic.

Tue, Mar 21 2006 - 06:05 PM rating by eirekay

Mary, this, along with nearby Cozumel, is one of my favorite dive locations! I like that it still feels undiscovered. Great start with this report. Pictures and more detail would bring the points up!

Tue, Mar 21 2006 - 03:12 PM rating by sajjanka

pic should be add be in this report so 2* are good

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