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marianne Dar es Salaam - A travel report by Marianne
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Dar es Salaam,  Tanzania, United Republic of - flag Tanzania, United Republic of
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House of Peace

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Dar es Salaam travelogue picture
Dar es Salaam, which means House of Peace, has over two million inhabitants. I'd always thought that it was Tanzania's capital. It isn't. Dodoma is the capital and Dar es Salaam is the Administrative city. Generally speaking tourists do not stay long here. The only reason that tourists come to here is to leave as quickly as possible for Zanzibar, there are at least five ferries a day. There are no spectacular buildings or other tourist attractions. Still Dar es Salaam is an interesting place and the atmosphere is definitely African.

Favourite spots:
Dar es Salaam travelogue picture
I found the ASIAN DISTRICT especially attractive. There are hundred of small shops selling spices, exotic fruit and things typically Indian. There is a wide choice of Indian restaurants of which we could only try a few.

In the EUROPEAN DISTRICT there are still many houses which were built in the fifties by the English. This is what colonial Dar es Salaam once must have look d like.

KARIAKOO MARKET is a colourful ruly African market. It's chaotic, colourful, crowded and definitely worth a visit.

What's really great:
Dar es Salaam travelogue picture
NATIONAL MUSEUM: here you can see a trail of fossilised foot prints dated 3.75 million years ago, left in the wet volcanic ash by two adults and one child. It shows that an was walking upright way before anyone had imagined. They were found in northern Tanzania near the Serengeti plains. The original footsteps have been covered up again. What is displayed in the Museum is a plaster cast. (see guide for address details)

NYAMBA Y SANAA, the arts centre where artists display and sell their works of art. Prices are fixed and quality is high, much better than the art on sale in the street stalls. It is also the place to buy Tingatinga art These colourful, glossy paintings depict animals, spidery men, Masaai warriors and much more. They are very characteristic you can find them all over Tanzania.

The VILLAGE MUSEUM 12 km north of the centre, replicas of houses and huts of different tribes living all over Tanzania. (see guide for address)

Dar es Salaam travelogue picture
KEYS HOTEL just off the centre offers excellent value. Most rooms are back from the street and noise. Our room consisted of two big rooms, one sitting room with easy chairs and TV, the other one the bedroom with a double net and mosquito net. There are two bathrooms with ht water, but turn on the switch which is outside in the corridor. There is a fan and airco and also coffee and tea making facilities. Continental breakfast is included in the room price Tsh 20.000 (€ 20) see guide for address

The Keys Hotels has a bar where business people come to drink after office hours. They also serve snacks.

Dar es Salaam travelogue picture
Most of the time we had our meal in the Keys Hotel. They serve European and Tanzanian dishes. I can also recommend ’56 Bhog’in Kisutu Street, an Indian restaurant specialising in the most tantalising sweets wrapped in edible silver foil. The also do thali: rice, Indian bread, dahl (lentils) and vegetable curries and raita (spiced yoghurt. You can sit outside on the pavement or inside with air-conditioning.

Other recommendations:
If you want to move out of Dar es Salaam, Scandinavian Express is the best bus company, safe and reliable. No connections with Scandanavia, but their buses are Scania buses. They have their own terminal at the crossing Misimbazi Street – Nyerere Road. All other buses leave from Ubungo Bus Station, 12 km north of the centre (but still within the city boundary).

The only ATM which accepts Visa, Cirrus and Mastercard is on Ohio Street opposite the Royal Palm Hotel. There are guards so it is a fairly safe place to withdraw money

There are many taxis, but I think it is more fun to use public transport. Daladalas are shared minibuses. There are thousands of them and very easy to use as the starting point and terminus are clearly indicated on the front. The fare is Tsh 150. (€0.15)

The standard taxi fare within the centre is Tsh 1500 = €1.50. To the airport is Tsh 8000 = € 8, to the Village Museum Tsh 4000 = € 4 and to Ubungo Bus Station Tsh 3000 = € 3.

Published on Thursday November 20th, 2003

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Sat, Feb 10 2007 - 07:26 PM rating by mistybleu

An intersting report. The pictures of the town reminds me of Livingstone.

Sat, Nov 12 2005 - 01:01 PM rating by hantulaut

Very well descriptive :-)

Mon, May 03 2004 - 02:51 AM rating by britman

I enjoyed reading this report so much. Thank You

Fri, Mar 05 2004 - 04:53 AM rating by downundergal

Great report with loads of helpful info.
Happy travels.

Tue, Jan 20 2004 - 09:16 AM rating by beograd

Great page Marianne :))

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