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gastao Dublin - A travel report by Gastão
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Dublin,  Ireland - flag Ireland -  Dublin
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gastao's travel reports

Dublin´s bubbling

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This wasn´t your usual trip abroad. Living in Dublin for a few months - that and beeing a foreigner - has proved to be a real taste of euro-trash/euro-trea-sure living in modern Ireland. Facts about Dublin are that 50% of the population is under 25 years old, there´s a buzzing confident attitude as the celtic Tiger been roaring for 10 years running and the people of Ireland are enjoying their new found wealth. Dublin is definetely an upwardly mobile city, and infortunately, so are the prices. Forget fiddles and Joyce´s Ulisses, this is a whole new Dublin.

Favourite spots:
Mulligans, a real old school pub, where the bartenders have been pouring pints for grey-haired locals since they learned how to walk. Grafton St. The shop-lined pedestrian street, usually really crowded and hosting at least 2 or 3 good street performers. O´Connell bridge. The line between the more affluent Gucci-clad sound-side Dublin and the working-class north-side and it´s uniformed knackers in their track-suits, white trainers. You can actually no only see the crossing of the line from one side to other, but also hear it, coz the accent is so much thicker in the north side. Temple Bar. Filled with art galleries, alternative shops, great places for coffee, the Irish Film Centre, some goos restaurants and a few smaller clubs. Check out The joy of Coffee, Switch and The kitchen clubs, go for a late bite at Zaytoon kebabs (unlike most kebabs, these are also good even when you´re sober) and of course THE Temple Bar.

What's really great:
Going out in Temple Bar. Having a pint of the Guinness, anytime in the day or nite. But specially in Mulligans (considered by many the best poured pint in the world), Stag´s Head and the Guinness brewery. The crepes at Lemon, just off Grafton st. Friendly locals, good conversation and usually very well informed about lots of issues. Political awareness is very high in Ireland, and as much a part of national identity as catholicism. Phoenix park, grreat for riding a bicicle or strolling. The chicken wings at The harbourmaster in the IFSC. Clubbing at Fireworks, too big and crowded former fire station, but still good fun. Chill-out in the late afternoon at neo-hip AKA. 5 am Kebabs at Zaytoons, in Temple Bar. Johnny Massacre, best best street performer ever.

The people
Walking around in Dublin
Wicklow mountains
The peninsula just north of Dublin (forgot the name)

Shat-sharing in Dublin is so easy to find. If you´re staying for long check out

The Kitchen
Lilly´s Bordello
Turk´s Head

Stag´s Head
Porter House

Many good ones. But only international cuisine and food. Some really good fast food joints.
Avoid Irish food, coz it´s really bad.

Other recommendations:
Don´t go spot cross-checking just relax and take it all in as it comes along

Published on Friday December 5th, 2003

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Sun, Dec 07 2003 - 10:04 AM rating by christianj.

Hi Gastao, after reading your report I think I have to go to Dublin - thank you! What about some Internet-Adresses?

Fri, Dec 05 2003 - 09:09 PM rating by whereisliz

Perhaps it's the Dingle Peninsula you were thinking of? Your report has sure left me longing for Dublin again -- thanks!

Fri, Dec 05 2003 - 02:23 PM rating by marianne

Excellent description, really portays Dublin the way it is. Will you be adding pictures?

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