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gr23_30 Granada - A travel report by Emanuel
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Granada,  Nicaragua - flag Nicaragua -  Granada
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La Gran Sultana/ The Great Pearl

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Granada travelogue picture
Granada is located south of Managua the capital of Nicaragua. This is an Old Spanish Town, with outstanding colonial period houses, historic churches and friendly people. For a time in Nicaragua history, Granada was consider being the capital of country, until it was change to Managua.

Favourite spots:
Granada travelogue picture
Some of my favorite spots that I visit in Granada; was the old San Francisco Convent, which is now a museum, that shows the history of the Nicaraguan people, and many archeological excavations, located just north from the cathedral. Also near the cathedral you would find you’re self-relaxing near the fountain that is located in the central park of the city. Another great place would be the Lake Nicaragua and a tour on boat of the entire small island created by the eruption of the volcano, you could also find your self a stay in one of the island. Or if hiking is your style, you would like to go up the volcano Mombacho, and visit all three craters. (That I mention that one is till active and another has sight of animal life, like panthers and mountain lions?) Don’t forget to visit the “mirador” or the look out, located just a drive away from the city. Hear you stand on top of a lagoon and over look the city…

What's really great:
Granada travelogue picture
I loved the friendly people that I was able to talk to. The view was spectacular and not to mention the food was favorable. You don’t get to spend a lot of money, and the best thing is that the places are just a walk away. In others words, you get a good workout, but if a workout is not you’re style you will find a taxi almost anywhere…

Granada travelogue picture
The Churches are a beautiful sight to see, the central park Colonial, the San Francisco Convent, the small island around the lake, La Casa de los leones, the mirador overlooking the city, and the volcano Mombacho. It is not a big city, but neither small. It is not a big city, but neither small. Its size is just perfect to walk around and enjoy the view.

El Colonial, Alhambra, and Hotel Granada are the most known and well-fit hotel in Granada, with inside pool, air-condition rooms and travel information. But if you don't want to waist a lot of money on accommodations, you will also find small posadas around the city that will offer room to stay...

YES... For those that can't find them, they are located on the side of the lake. This place is know as “El Turismo” You could just tell a taxi drive to take you to “El Cesar” or “El Centauro” There are also other clubs in this area, but the most popular are those two…

Yes, there are many of them, but I only visit one which "The Club". Own by a European couple. This place is located on neer the piedra vocona. It seems that many people from around the country take grate visit. Also you'll find a lot of tourest. But be ready to pay a lot for the drinks...

You will find nice small establishments, where they serve traditional food. Also nice romantic restaurants like “La Gran Francia” located next to city hall. Or if Italian food is your favorite, there is a restaurant located next to El Super Mercado Lacayo. In addition, there are also many other restaurant around the city all you have to do, is have the time to go and visit all of them.

Published on Wednesday June 11th, 2003

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Mon, May 10 2004 - 10:24 AM rating by spaceout

do you need a guide to visit the volcanoes? And how much did it cost for the tour boat? Are any people speaking English there? Is it dangerous atop the volcano with all that wildlife?

Sun, Apr 18 2004 - 10:23 AM rating by travelalain

Nice report and good photos. I shall take those hiking tips in mind, thanks for sharing

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