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trekkerman Hervey Bay - A travel report by trekkerman
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Hervey Bay,  Australia - flag Australia -  Queensland
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FRASER ISLAND, Hervey Bay, Australia

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One of the highlights travelling down the east coast of Australia is a 4 wheel drive safari on Fraser Island. what an adventure, once you've read this report i hope you consider it if you go to Australia.

our group on Fraser Island
our group on Fraser Island
Fraser Island is the largest natural sand island on the planet, it is classed as a world heritage site, and has the only pure breed of dingos anywhere in Australia. the island is just off the east coast of Australia, Hervey Bay is considered to be the place to start your trip to the island. Fraser Island is home to crystal clear freshwater lakes, ancient rainforests, beautiful meandering creeks and miles of golden beaches. apparentley its the only place in the world where sand dunes meets Fresh water Lake meets Rainforest all in one geographical spot. this is just one of the things that make this magical island so unique. when you do the 4 wheel drive safari, up to 9 people take out a jeep and spend 3 days 2 nights surviving by themselves on the island. the guides at the hostel give you a 2 hour briefing on every detail before you embark, and then a refresher the morning you leave for the island.

Favourite spots:
Champagne Pools to the right of the photo.
Champagne Pools to the right of the photo.
in at number 1 is Lake McKenzie ! (see photo) this has got to be one of the most paradisiac places on earth?
this Fresh water lake has the clearest and most beautiful blue waters you'll ever see, its so inviting you just wanna run straight into it, and the sand is pure white !
the number 2 slot has to be setting up camp each night, cooking on an open fire, and sleeping out in the Bush.
then theres Eli Creek, its a fast flowing body of water that starts in the bush and runs right out to the beach into the sea, get in it, lift your legs and feel yourself being carried down the creek to the beach, brings out the kid in you lol.

What's really great:
Lake McKenzie, check out that beautiful blue water.
Lake McKenzie, check out that beautiful blue water.
i didnt drive the jeep, but in the back i strapped in with 8 other people and enjoyed the whole safari beach drive experience, up through the Rainforest, over shallow creeks etc. sometimes the ride was so bumpy that it was like being on a fairground ride, totally exillerating.
the vantage points looking down on awesome views was great too, for example Champagne Pools - a small rock formation with a small sandy divot the other side just where the waves roll ashore, and then break onto the rocks creating a spray just like a champagne bottle being opened, it was a cool sight. you can take a dip in the pool too !
cooking your own food on a open log fire that you've got going is pretty good fun, sitting around the camp fire getting to know your new friends, and camping 50 meters from the sea on the edge of the Rainforest and falling alseep to the sounds of the ocean is an amazing experience.

Rainforest track.
Rainforest track.
everything i have mentioned, but more important is to just enjoy being in the moment and appreciating where you are, very few trips make you feel glad to be alive. there is so much to see on Fraser Island. if you're lucky at the right time of the season you'll spot migrating whales from one of the vantage points on the trip.
see the famous iron ship wreck on the beach, watch dingos peacefully pass by your camp and feel close to nature.

crossing one of the creeks.
crossing one of the creeks.
this was the fun part, Fraser Escape Backpackers hostel have it all covered, you spend a night or 2 at their place at Hervey Bay, after extensive briefings about do's and dont's on the island, covering safety and what to expect on the Island etc you set off early the next day.
its a 30 minute drive down to the port to catch the ferry across to the Island, on the way they stop off for you to get some hot snacks. once you arrive on the Island your next 2 nights will be sleeping under stars in tents for 2 !
inclusive in the tour price is all the camping equipment you need which is checked on the morning by you & your group before you set off, & the 4 wheel self drive jeep, just take you're own sleeping bag and small backpack with 3 days of clothing and anything else you may need - beer ! lol. 2 people in the group will have been nominated the day before to go get the food shopping with a joint budget, as a group you get to choose what to buy.

camp fire
camp fire
there isnt any nightlife on a trip like this, you make your own with the group you're on safari with.
imagine you've just eaten a meal cooked on a camp fire, you're getting to know you new friends, sipping a beer, watching the hypnotic fire, hearing the soothing sounds of the ocean just meters away. the fresh scent of the Rainforest.
the night is cool but not cold, the sky is clearer than you've ever seen, a million stars twinkle in space piercing the dark fabric of night.
and you just think to yourself "wow" !!
that is how i felt when i was on the trip.

another great view of Fraser Island beach.
another great view of Fraser Island beach.
no hangouts on a trip like this as you can imagine.

cook your own as a group over the camp fire, despite none of us being bushcraft experts, we seem to get meat and other foods cooked farely easily. it was alot of fun trying.

Other recommendations:
listen carefully to the guides when they brief you about the 4 wheel drive safari. do ask about anything you're not sure of, it could mean your safety.
on the morning you set off double check your rucksack that you have everything you'll need while on the island.
prepare to rough it a bit, you'll be sleeping in tents, sitting near a camp fire, you're gonna smell a bit at times, and most of all DO muck in and help out your group setting up camp, the fire, and cooking, as arguments can ensue when someone takes advantage of others.
do NOT feed or make contact with the dingos, the authorities take a VERY dim view of this, rangers regularly patrol around the island, if they catch you breaking any of the rules you can be fined or removed from the island without a refund, spoiling your whole trip. your guides will fully advise you on all the do's & dont's !!
take around $60 AUSD, you wont need any cash really, but you may buy some last minute supplies at a resort on the island.

Published on Sunday February 25th, 2007

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Mon, Feb 26 2007 - 08:47 PM rating by rangutan

Very adventurous stuff [4.5] Fix the few capital letters and some spelling and the report will be top class. Otherwise Great!

Mon, Feb 26 2007 - 02:15 PM rating by travler

Pete interesting review and nice pictures.

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