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andreas Hobart - A travel report by Walter Andreas
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Hobart,  Australia - flag Australia -  Tasmania
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Two weeks in Tasmania

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Hobart travelogue picture
This report is more about Tasmania that about Hobart itself. Most of the visitors arrive in Tasmania by plane. So Hobart is the first place they visit in Tasmania - or short Tasi. Although there is a ferry from Melbourne to Launceston in the North of Tasmania, I did choose to fly. A ticket with Vergin Blue - one of the great low cost carriers - costs around 60 A$ if you book well in advance.

Tasmania is full of unique landscape. A lot of visitors who come to Australia miss out this fantastic island - a serious mistake! I have been in almost every corner of OZ, but Tasi belongs to my favourite spots.

Favourite spots:
Hobart travelogue picture
There is so much to see around Tasi, that you definatelly want to plan your trip.

One of the great things not to miss out is the world famous lavender farm. By the time I arrived in Tasi they just harvested the lavender. Once you smell the fantastic and intense flavour you will never forget it anymore! Taste some lavender honey if you get the chance! By the way, if you like food and great yammiie things you will love Tasmania even more!! World famous wine comes from here. Check out some vinyards along the road. They invite you to cheese and wine tastings. There is also a fantastic rasberry farm in Tasmania. Get yourself some rasberry ice cream, or rasberry liquer!

If you are in a good condition, climb cradle mountain! Bring a good windbraker jacket and get yourself up the mountain. The most fantastic scenery is waiting!!

What's really great:
Hobart travelogue picture
Its all about outdoors in Tasmania. Lots of hicking, and loneley beaches. The uniquenes of the environment makes Tasmania definatelly worth a visit.

The lavender farm was one of the most impressive things. But hey... placing your tent next to the beach is something you will never forget! Check out the bay of fire and especially the "coasy corner". I lost my mobile phone on this sandy beach - if you find one.. it's mine :-)


Hobart travelogue picture
Don't forget to bring your tent!! Without a tent you will face enourmous trouble getting a place to sleep. We tryed it once in a while, just to get a propper shower - but you have to book way in advance.



OHHH yeah! There is a fantastic grill in Hobart. Cant remember the name though, but every hostel has a flyer around. I am not eating lots of meat, but... hey watching all this happy cows walking around in Tasi makes you hungry! :-) You hae to try one of the stakes. I never ever had such a yammi steak!!

Other recommendations:
Hobart travelogue picture
Wineglass Bay - dont miss it!

You may also want to check out my photo album about Tasmania. Click on photo album in the menu on the top of my travel page.

Published on Thursday March 27th, 2003

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Sat, Feb 21 2004 - 03:55 PM rating by travelalain

I can't hardly wait to go to Tasi myself, half of Jan 2005 it will happen. Thanks to you I looked again to virgin blue.

Fri, Apr 11 2003 - 06:49 AM rating by samanta

Hello Andreas,

great report on Tasi! After reading about all the great spots I am definatelly ready for a new holiday in OZ!

CU around!

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