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noatak Kathmandu - A travel report by Robert
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Kathmandu,  Nepal - flag Nepal
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Kathmandu, medieval city in modern times

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Kathmandu travelogue picture
Kathmandu, where I felt in love with Nepal and its beautiful people, is situated in a big valley. This valley measures appr. 30 kilometres and is said to be the bottom of an ancient lake. Both times I visited the place, I entered by bus from the Indian border. After a magnificent journey through the foothills of the Himalaya's we climbed the hills up to 1500 m. Over the edge we could see Kathmandu-valley lying with dampy fields. Quite close in front of us was the capital of Nepal with its caracteristic buildings and many temples and palaces. The astonishing athmosphere of old woodcarved temples and small streets. Exhaust-gasses and a variety of sound and colour. What I especially remember are the sounds of bicycle-bells ringing. At night the old streets are illuminated by uncountable small lamps and candles which light the small shops. Not only the smell of exhaust-damp but also flowers, incentive, spice. Kathmandu, I long for you!

Favourite spots:
Thamel, the old area of this old city. Also Pashupatinath, the Hindu-templecomplex where is that timeless feeling.

What's really great:
The chocolat-cake and the Tibetan bread! The walking through the old straats, searching for the old courtyards with the beautiful playing children, cycling through the surrounding fields and to Bhaktapur, the city where Little Buddha was taken.

Swayambunath-temple which is situated on a steep hill, west of the centre. From there you'll have a breath-taking sight over the city and the valley.

There are lots of lowerclass hotels who offer fine beds for negociatable prices. I always try the matrasses first bacause I don't like hammocks.

The city is packed with all kinds of restaurants. I liked especially some Thai restaurants, north of the Royal Palace.

Published on Tuesday September 17th, 2002

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