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wojtekd Leticia - A travel report by Wojciech
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Leticia,  Colombia - flag Colombia -  Amazonas
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Amazon - the first taste

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Leticia travelogue picture
The Amazon with its huge rivers and dramatically beautiful rainforests tempts every adventurous traveller. I entered Amazon from Colombian capital Bogota by air to Leticia. There are no roads or river transport. Tiny Leticia acts as the capital of Departamento Amazonas. It is located on the Amazon River, at the point where the borders of Colombia, Brazil and Peru meet. There is customs clearance on arrival to Leticia airport. Customs are mainly interested, if you carry any drugs.

Favourite spots:
Leticia travelogue picture
Amazon river! River tours agents are waiting in the airport. Do not decide, who is the best in the airport - this is not a place to bargain, ask them to come to the hotel. we discussed our river tour program with tour agent Mr Gardel - he offers standard 2-days tour up the Amazon to Puerto Narinio for 120 USD. His english is very poor. Then we met Antonio Cruz Perez from Amazon Jungle Trips. For the same price he offers 3-days trip with overnight in the cabania (jungle hut with hammock and mosquito nets, but no shower) on the bank of river Sacambu. You will not see painted Indians (especially for your visit) on this route, but since rivers are more narrow you will see more of nature. Make sure, what is included in the price (meals and purified water, rental of rubber boots and fishing gear), and what is excluded (english speaking guide) and put the program on the piece of paper to execute it later from the guide.

What's really great:
Leticia travelogue picture
Our stay in cabania (hut on the bank of the river).During our tour we crossed Amazon, visited several Ticuna Indian villages. There were jungle walks, piranha fishing, night cayman hunting, birds and dolphins watching.
Antonio Cruz Perez tour is worth to recommend. He has the office at Av. Internacional 625, Leticia.
It is my first piranha fish on the picture. It is quite easy to catch them - even for the beginner. We tasted fried piranhas in the evening - it is nothing special - they have too much bones! More photos from my stay in the Amazon you can see on my polish page:

Leticia travelogue picture
We stayed in Leticia in Residencias Marina. They charge 15 USD for double with shower and fan. Residencias Manigua with little better standard charges 12 USD per bed. But the highlight was our stay in interior in cabania (cost was included in the tour price).
On the same bank of Amazon river there is brazilian township Tabatinga. It is walking distance from Leticia and there is no border control so you can walk easy up and down. Tabatinga is more expensive then Leticia. It has own airport and Varig office if you head to Brazil...

Other recommendations:
Leticia travelogue picture
Avianca air ticket from Bogota to Leticia (one way) cost 101 USD when bought in Colombia and 210 USD if bought abroad. There are small cargo boats going down the Amazon to Manaus. You have also a chance to take irregular boat up the river to peruvian Iquitos.
WARNING: This is a dangerous time now to visit Colombia. The US State Department warns their citizens not to travel to Colombia. Thay say that violence and kidnapping are serious problems, and foreign nationals are potential targets. Check the latest news!

Leticia isolated by jungle from the rest of country is calm and rather safe. You can also enter Leticia from Brasil or Peru.

Published on Monday October 14th, 2002

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Mon, Mar 07 2011 - 06:26 AM rating by shervin19

Your report is very good, thanks for it!

Wed, May 24 2006 - 01:13 AM rating by frenchfrog

Very nice report, very well written, lots of info are provided. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Sun, Oct 23 2005 - 09:15 AM rating by miguelmarchi

I was in Colombia, because is near my country Uruguay, bur was not in Leticia. Very good report my friend!

Thu, Apr 08 2004 - 07:01 PM rating by mystie21

Your pics are great!!

Mon, Jun 09 2003 - 06:35 PM rating by daniserralta

Great report about this area!!
Do you think Colombia is still dangerous in this zone?
Next week i go to Peru and part of my trip will be the Amazon river going from Iquitos to Leticia. But I really want to stay out of the cities so i probably will stay at Puerto Narinho.
I hope to have a great jungle experience there!!

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