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Los Angeles - A travel report by DCA
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Los Angeles,  United States - flag United States -  California
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LA rocks! none of my friends like this city ... i loved it from the first second. it's not the city i would recomend to the travelers who are lookin' for monuments ... it's the city that LIVES!

Mulholland Drive
Mulholland Drive
we spend most of spring in maui (hawaii) and while flying to our second home we're stopping in LA. first time LA was funny but when i look back a desaster. we stay'd at the wronf hotel .. got ripped by the cap driver and where looking for some thrill at the wrong places ... but belive me we met sooo many great and special people. we fell in love with the city from second 1. and 8 years later we still love to go there explore the city from santa monica to orange county ... hang with the surfers .. dine with the rockers and dance with the hollywood crowd. it's a world of different worlds and this is what all the fun is about ... i guess. and since a couple years we don't even stay at hotels anymore .. cause our friends built a house in the canyon's where we can stay and chill with the creative crowd ... or have bbq with the neighbors. we're home!

Favourite spots:
The House of Jim Morisson (The Doors) on Clearwater Canyon
The House of Jim Morisson (The Doors) on Clearwater Canyon
newport beach, santa monica pier, sunset blvd.: roxy, rainbow, mondrian sky bar, grafton hotel bar, standard hotel bar, coffe bean, tower records and across from tower records the cool bar. beverly hills; crescent hotel bar and restaurant, mulholland drive (the park), clearwater canyon, the getty museum, the grove, whole foods of beverly hills, rodeo drive and beverly rive, beverly mall .... etc.

What's really great:
The J. Paul Gety Museum
The J. Paul Gety Museum
ohhhh it's a journey ... and boring is not possible. what's really worth to have a look at is the getty museum, the fashion district, window shopping on beverly & rodeo drive and last but not least finding the latest fashion trend on melrose and/or on la brea and robertson blvd.

The Grafton on Sunset
The Grafton on Sunset
mondrian on sunset (
the standard on sunset (
the grafton on sunset (
the crescent in beverly hills (
the standard downtown (
the luxe on sunset (

and last but not least ... the best - the coolest - the icon
the chateau marmont on sunset (

rainbow, roxy, the whisky, viper room, key club, the troubadour, house of blues .... sky bar, all GREAT!

there are many many clubs - one day hip the next hop - you never know which one is the right one (don't even try to get the sense for the hippest club in town cause you will fail - since not even the locals know) ... and then there are the rocks. the best way to get into the one's i mentioned. make a reservation for dinner and/or buy tickets to the shows/concerts. try to make friends with the waiters/bouncers/etc. and go there as often as possible ... do it as you did it at your favourite spot at home and you're in.

one exception. the sky bar at the mondrian ... dress sharp and be hip and you will make it ... but these guys are famous for the hardest door in LA. one's you're there you'll know why! it's worth to protect the atmosphere.


dolce, barney's beanery, tres compadres, spanish kitchen, the standard, balboa (at the grafton) ...

Other recommendations:
should you be into architecture and/or fashion: check out these stores: chrome hearts on robertson, kitson on la cienega, volcom on la brea, prada on rodeo drive, fred segal on melrose, maxfield on robertson, wastelandd on melrose, jet rag on la brea (great vintage), eat my leather on sunset .... more to come!

do not fall for cheap copies on melrose ... and ask the guy at sportie LA on melrose for any sneaker ... he'll get it for you! check out the jewellery from bill wall leather ... he started the hype!

Published on Tuesday July 26th, 2005

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Tue, Jul 26 2005 - 03:09 PM rating by eirekay

I enjoy your photos. Would love to hear some suggestions about how to go "Clubbing" in LA - did any of the places have ques, dress codes, etc. I would also like your impression of some of the famous Streets you mention - what is it like walking down Melrose or Rodeo?

Thanks for a good intro - looking forward hearing more!

Tue, Jul 26 2005 - 11:54 AM rating by christianj.


it seems you're living a cool life. And it seems you know what's going on in L.A.! Let us take part at your experiences. Come on, tell us some more details, maybe interesting websites - and what about pictures. You aroused our curiosity...


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