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kathmandukitten Namche Bazaar - A travel report by rebekah
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Namche Bazaar,  Nepal - flag Nepal
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kathmandukitten's travel reports

The Last town before Everest

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If standing on Everest feels like standing on the roof of the world then being in Namche feels like climbing into the attic... full of history and anticipation!

Namche Bazaar travelogue picture
If the thought of trekking to Everest Base Camp (EBC) leaves you dripping with sweat and reaching for the nearest cigarette and doughnut then please just consider going as far as Namche. Namche is the last town on the trek before you get to Base Camp. If you were silly enough to not get your supplies from kathmandu (or ate all your mars bars) then this is the cheapest place en route. It also has the most options en route. Namche is a stunning 3440m above sea level and is the gateway to so many paths in history. Great explorers, great losses, friendships made and broken, the place has a magic... you can almost taste the atmosphere in the air, the taste of hope, joy and wonder! Namche is a days walk from Lukla (or 2 days if you smoke 20-a-day). This is a sometimes bustling town , teaming with Sherpa life. Yaks roam the streets like dogs waking you gently with the sounds of their bells. Food here is plentyful, bakeries, small convience stores and every hotel has it's focal point.. the dining room. Crammed with people from all over the globe either on their way up or coming back down. Whether you are leaving the trek or just starting it then you have to pass by Namche.

Favourite spots:
Namche is a working town. Even though their sole industry is tourism, you always get the feeling that culture and daily life override everything. There are lots of walks to do from here if you need to adjust to the altitude or just see the sights. Namche is surrounded by mountains, snow capped with icy waterfalls running down their sides into the valley and river below. Looking back down the trail you can see meandering paths, cris crossing the mountain side. There is a museum here if you fancy a small trek. It's not very detailed but neither is the majority of things like this in Nepal. You can use the internet here too! Obviously a lot more expensive than in Kathmandu but they can give you the option of writing it offline for a lesser charge. Twice a week there is a market in Namche. It's a great opportunity to see Sherpa life in action.. and you can even buy yourself a yak!!

What's really great:
Namche Bazaar travelogue picture
A short but very steep climb (i'd almost given up after 5 minutes) will find you over the top of the mountain that Namche is built on. Here you will find the Everest View Hotel. The last luxury hotel, complete with its own helipad for those too rich to walk. On a clear day however it's fantastic view tells you why it so deserves its name. The first glimpse of Everest. It seems so far away yet it still looks really huge, nestling between other mountains seemingly unaware of all the fuss and fame it carries all over the planet. If you head in the opposite direction you will find yourself walking on thin tracks on the edge of a busy mountainside. Monastries will allow visitors at certain times, you will even come across a female only monastry where you can observe the daily toil first hand. Every Sherpa village has Mani Stones to the entrances. Stones gently carved with the chants of tibeten praise, asking for goodwill and safe passage to all who pass.

Namche Bazaar travelogue picture
Accomodation is plentiful and can be found in amazing variety. I stayed in one hotel where i had just a basic room, plain but comfy bed and nothing but the snoring of my friend to adorn it (believe me, after you've just trekked a long day then you don't need much to look at, especially when you're falling asleep at dusk). In a bid to cut down the cue for the shower the Didi (polite term for staff meaning older sister) allowed me to shower in a luxury room downstairs. WoW! Bathroom en suite with Hot running water, a balcony with a view to die for, soft lighting and even a TV (I have my doubts on reception though). My room however cost a mere 100NRS, about $1USD

Namche Bazaar travelogue picture
There are bakeries filled with lovely treats but every hotel has a busy dining room with extensive menu for your needs. At this point you need good wholesome food well made and this is exactly what you get. Because accomodation is so cheap here most hotels apply the condition that you eat in their restaurent. You get the same food at the same price wherever you go so it's not a bad thing and struggling to your room at 6pm is made alot easier when it's in the same building.

Published on Saturday June 5th, 2004

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Sat, Sep 23 2006 - 05:15 PM rating by terje

Did you ever get on Everest?

Sat, Nov 19 2005 - 06:07 PM rating by nedkelly

aaaarrrggghh wwooooh maaaaaaa................... words fail me then!!!

Wed, Aug 31 2005 - 08:11 AM rating by dipaks

Good report.....

Tue, Jan 25 2005 - 01:30 PM rating by davidx

Really fine

Fri, Oct 22 2004 - 07:52 PM rating by nate4341

You know, I've been planning a trip to the Alps this winter but reading your reports is seriously making me think about skipping Switzerland and heading straight to the Himalayas.

Mon, Sep 13 2004 - 07:54 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii rebeak,
after reading so much abt nepal ,i am having ferm plans now to visit nepal ,only concern for me is the deteriorating law and order situation there.

Sat, Jun 05 2004 - 10:19 PM rating by whereisliz

Fantastic report... I can almost smell and taste it all! And only $1 to sleep... you have seriously ignited my wanderlust again!

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