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lafalott Oslo - A travel report by Katrina
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Oslo,  Norway - flag Norway -  Oslo
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An Oslo Weekend on a Student Budget!

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Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world. However, those that live there do not notice it since their incomes are just as high in relation to their standard of living. Therefore, as a tourist on a tight budget you have to get creative...

Since I am currently living in sweden, getting to Oslo can be fairly cheap. I suggest the overnight train from Stockholm to Oslo - it is only 200kr each way which is less that $100USA, and the bus is even less, but takes much more time. The other option, by plane, is about $200USA from Stockholm (ouch). Once you arrive at the Oslo train station, everything in the center of Oslo is within walkng distance, so bring your walking shoes, save on transportation and get a little exercise in the process! Just a side note: Every European city I have been to I have walked...if the place is on the map, then its not too far away - this has saved an incredible amount of money! However, Oslo is not flat so be prepared for a few hills.

Favourite spots:
Karl Johans Gate
Karl Johans Gate
Karl Johans Gate is the main street with a large square following it. This street is lined with the University Main building, the parliament, the National Theatre, and expensive hotels such as The Grand, as well, the national museum is close by. There are always many people around and there are quite a few restaurants in the area. However, if you want to eat cheaply, dont look here (unless its the kebab stand that is around at night)!

What's really great:
View from Holmenkollen
View from Holmenkollen
I enjoyed taking the train up to Holmenkollen, the Olympic Ski jump. There is an amazing view of the city and surrounding water! The train system is really easy to use (because I would not want to walk up there, it would take all day and it is all uphill) but of course it is expensive - 30 NOK per ride.

Vegeland sculpture at night
Vegeland sculpture at night
Sløttetsparken is where the Castle is located, and you also get a view of Karl Johans Gate.

Frogner Parken is a huge park located in west central Oslo. We did not walk the whole park but we did find an interesting area with nearly 200 Vigeland sculptures of people. It is a little creepy at night..

We only had a weekend so we did not visit many museums. We went to the Munch Museet, a showcase of EdvardMunches work and the Universities Vikingshiphuset where there were a few viking burial ships on show. You can get there by taking a boat to Bygdøy and walking from there. Find out what days are free or cheaper for each museum (the National Gallery was free when we went) and take note most museums are closed on Mondays!

The water front near Aker Brygge is also very pretty on a nice day.

If you plan ahead you will be able to get a spot in a hostel which is affordable. However, if you are spontaneous students like us, you will have to be more creative if there is no room in the hostel. We ended up getting a 2 person hotel room and putting 4 people in it. We stayed at the Rainbow Hotel Gyldenløve which was about a 15min walk from the city center. It was also located on a street with lots of shopping.

Stay off the main streets and you will find some cheaper ethnic food. Going to a restaurant in the center of Oslo will cost you, at the cheapest, $30US. So make note of cheap places you see during the day, or ask your hotel/hostel because they will definitely know where to go.

Other recommendations:
Take a midnight walk and see what you find...we did on our first night and we forgot our map. But we ended up walking in this really prestigious neighbourhood where the highligh was the Russian Embassy which we thought was a prison. After about 3 hours we found our way back, not going the way we left!

Published on Monday April 24th, 2006

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Sat, Jun 17 2006 - 06:36 PM rating by madness

nice report, we went always mc donalds in Oslo to avoid high prices

Wed, Apr 26 2006 - 04:29 AM rating by marianne

This was a good read and gave me some idea what to expect in Oslo.

Tue, Apr 25 2006 - 05:04 AM rating by davidx

I like this very personal report on one of my favourite cities [I actually like it better than Stokholm which must make me a heathen in your eyes.]

Mon, Apr 24 2006 - 05:55 PM rating by rangutan

Nice but very short stay and report on a major city of Europe.

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