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lafalott Stockholm - A travel report by Katrina
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Stockholm,  Sweden - flag Sweden -  Stockholms Lan
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Stockholm the Trendy

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I have had the pleasure of visiting stockholm many times in past months and I love it every time. I have seen it in the fall, winter, and more recently Spring and it just gets better!

Bridge to Gamla Stan
Bridge to Gamla Stan
Stockholm is a city made up of 17 islands that are connected by bridges. Due to this you cannot travel from point to point in a very direct manner, which is great so you can explore parts of the city you would have never gone to! By far it is my favorite European city because it has a mix of old and new...each island is so different!

Fashion is a big thing in Stockholm, so you might find yourself comparing your own clothes to the Swedes around you. Please don't, they probably spent hundreds of dollars on the outfit and as a tourist you will most likely not be able to afford it! Some cheaper stores include H&M and Gina Tricot.

"Stockholm Hospitality" is a term I have learned living in Uppsala and taking day trips to Stockholm every so often. The Swedes are nice people, but those that live in Stockholm most often do not practice the small courteous acts I (as a Canadian) might take for granted everyday. For instance, they will not hold the door for you, so dont be surprised if you hold the door for someone and the next one is slammed shut! Its nothing you did, its just how these Stockholm Swedes are. You will find, in each area of Sweden the people have their individual quirks.

Favourite spots:
Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan has the narrow streets surrounded by tall colourful buildings with intermittent squares that you find only by walking around. I love the interesting spots you find around each corner without seeing it in advance!

What's really great:
Södermalm is one of few big hills in Stockholm
Södermalm is one of few big hills in Stockholm
Södermalm is a 'hip' part of Stockholm for the alternative/trendy person. There are lots of second hand stores and one of a kind stores. But beware, even though its second hand, it does not mean it is cheaper!! You would be surprised. Södermalm also has an amazing view of Gamla Stan since it is one of the few hills in Stockholm. The view of Södermalm right before you cross the bridge from Gamla Stan is also very impressive.

Apparently you would not recognize Södermalm from an airplane because it is actually very green. Each apartment block has a private park in the middle of it so the residents can relax away from the big city bustle.

The Vasa Museum in Skansen is a must see. I have been there a few times already and I am totally mesmerized by the sight of the ship! Watch the movie first, it gives a very informative background of the ship's history and story. Unfortunately the lighting is not very good for photographs so I have no good ones to show.

Ice Bar
Ice Bar
Notable areas are: Gamla Stan, Södermalm, Stureplan, Skansen, and Norrmalm.

In Gamla Stan you will find the Palace which you can take tours of for a price There is also the Nobel museum which illustrates Alfred Nobel and subsequent prize winners.

Skeppsholmen has many art galleries and museums. Of note is the Moderna Museet - I loved it!! also, there is an Arkitecture museum and a Statistics museum. The national museum is right before you go over the bridge to Skeppsholmen.

Norrmalm is central Stockholm where the train station and T-Centralen is located. There is an incredible amount of shopping - I've seen 5 H&M's in 5 minutes before. Drottninggatan has shopping on it all the way to Gamla Stan, and the mall 'Gallerian' starts underground at Sergels Torg and continues above the ground.

The Ice Bar located in the Nordic Sea Hotel which is a 5min walk from the Central Station. It is great fun drinking out of an ice glass with a parka on leaning on a table also made from ice!

Debaser is an alternative club that has live bands playing often. It is located under the bridge between Södermalm and Gamla Stan.

To warn you: if you want to go out to a night club in Stockholm, dress your best! They will turn you away if you dont look amazingly put together and trendy...sad but true.

Other recommendations:
The Rikstag, Stockholm's government building
The Rikstag, Stockholm's government building
Just walk, it is an amazing city. In the winter all the water is frozen and you can walk on the ice at your own risk. And in the summer the sun reflects off the water and lights up the city and the colour of the buildings. I love it!!!

Published on Monday April 24th, 2006

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Wed, Apr 26 2006 - 04:35 AM rating by marianne

I didn’t know Swedes were so fashion conscious. What else can be seen in the Vasa Museum. Is the ship you mention one of the Viking ships? What else is on show?
On the whole an informative report that gives a good first glance of Stockholm.

Tue, Apr 25 2006 - 09:09 AM rating by bear495

This is very nice for a first report. Welcome to Globo and best wishes.


Tue, Apr 25 2006 - 04:58 AM rating by davidx

On the short side for such a major city with so much to see but your love for the city certanly comes across loud and clear.

Mon, Apr 24 2006 - 05:57 PM rating by rangutan

Very brief report with a few wonderful pictures.

Mon, Apr 24 2006 - 04:04 PM rating by sajjanka

nice report

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