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droz112 Ottawa - A travel report by Nico
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Ottawa,  Canada - flag Canada -  Ontario
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Ottawa - sweet capital

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Ottawa isn´t that huge city most people would expect, but if you stay more than a couple of days, you´ll get the spirit of this city! Ottawa, that means more than busy people and english style buildings.

Parliament Hill
Parliament Hill
Well, Ottawa that means first of all the governmental stuff. Most of the ottawanians are actually working for the government or a close institution. So you´ll find lots of buildings looking the same (fuctional) style. But this is not too bad, even it is not so beautiful. I spend at least three month here and after that time it was hard for me to leave. Ottawa isn´t that big as Montreal and Toronto. It´s located just between both cities, which gives you a good chance to visit the Ottawa while you gonna travel between this cities. About one million people are living in the agglomoration of Ottawa-Gatineau, but the important part of the city could be located in a city with just 250,000. The city is located on the boarder between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Just a short ride over the old Pont Alexandre and you´re in frensh canada. Ottawa is bilingual and that gives the city an own character. So it doesn´t matter what language you like more to talk, most people are able to talk to you in both. Because of the status being the capital, there are a lots of national monuments and museums to visit. I really like to give an advise to everyone who gonna visit the city should bring some time to go to the museum of civilisation, just next to the rivershore on the quebec-site. Its an enourmos place where you can learn a bunch of interesting stuff about canadas history. On thursday the entrance is free from about 2pm until closing. Parliament Hill with a ride to the top of the Peace-Tower is another must in the city I suggest you to do. Also the National Art gallery is a good adress, if you like art! If you like to go out, here are some points of interest. Hanging around in the Bytowm Market is a good choice (lots of clubs, bars and so on), but if you like more cheap pubs and clubs, you should go to Elgin Street. Here you´ll find also a lot of nice locations. For the best cake in canada, go to a cafe called Memories, next the the front entrance of the US embassey.

Favourite spots:
The Canal
The Canal
Museums/Monuments: National Art Gallery, Parliament Hill, Museum of civilisation, Natural history museum, shopping: actually two malls - Rideau Centre in the Center(next to the Canal) and the otherone is a bit outside, next to the Rail Station(One of the largest malls in Canada) outgoing: two places 1.) Bytown Market - lots of pubs(Irish Village, Whiskey Bar,...) and clubs (Minglewoods, Caliente/Salsaclub, Zaphods/rock, also a Jazz club/pub) 2.) Elgin Street - many burger restaurants and lots of cheap clubs (Fire Station and others) The difference between the locations are the people. At the market you find more students, at Elgin Street more younger-people and Cool-guys

What's really great:
Pont Alexandra and Musuem of Civilisation
Pont Alexandra and Musuem of Civilisation
The weather was very impressing, because it can change completly from one hour to next - rain to sun! Indian Summer - the best time to go there. It will be warm for a few days in october and the trees are all intensive coloured! The flow of the people. Ottawa is a safe and very comfortable city. Bytown Cinema(Rideau St/King-Edward St), an independent cinema!!! Bike paths everywhere in the city and on the river shore. And the last advise - don´t go the youth hostel at the old jail! You will have bug in your room! Go the the Backpackers Inn on York St. Its right down in the market and such a great place! One of the best Backpackers Inns I´ve ever been!

Chateau Fairmont
Chateau Fairmont
Read the main text!

Backpackers Inn
Backpackers Inn
Backpackers Inn, York Street
Jail Youth Hostel, Nicholas Street

Parliament Hill
Parliament Hill
Zaphods, Miglewoods, Caliente, Surface(after hour)

Elgin Street:
Inferno, Fire Station, Griffins

View from Quebec
View from Quebec
Irish village,
cactus bar (cocktail bar),
Lieutenants Pump,
and many more around the market, Elgin Street and the campus of Ottawa University

National Art Gallery
National Art Gallery
almost everthing you want you can get down in the market!
Also Big daddy Crab and oyster bar on Elgin St.

Other recommendations:
Locks between the Canal and Ottawa River
Locks between the Canal and Ottawa River
Having a walk beside the river AND the canal in the summer! Skate on both in the winter!
Go to see a hockey game of the Ottawa 67s! Or if you like and it is possible a game of the Senators, the NHL-team.
Go to a place calles Montebello, about 50km east on the north side of the river! There is the Omega-Park, where you can drive through by car and see almost all native canadian animals(bear, moose, wolf,...) at their natural living conditions!
Go to Gatineau Park!

Published on Wednesday May 11th, 2005

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Tue, Aug 16 2005 - 02:30 PM rating by murrayskinner

Nice report. I live in Ottawa and you described it quite well.


Wed, May 11 2005 - 10:52 AM rating by bear495

This report is not too bad for a first try. However, most members use the convention that travel reports without photos receive ratings of no higher than **. If you include photos, your ratings should go up rapidly.


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