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Uppsala - A travel report by Constance
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Uppsala,  Sweden - flag Sweden -  Uppsala Lan
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constance's travel reports

1-year stay in Uppsala

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Uppsala travelogue picture
I moved to Uppsala to live with my boyfriend. I have never been to Sweden before, nor did I speak the language. Uppsala is not a very big city (around 150,000), but since it is a university city, a great part of the population is made up of students. Therefore you will see many young people.

Favourite spots:
The centre of Uppsala offers a nice shopping street with stores and restaurants at its sides. You will not find really big department stores :( but nice little shops that give you enough choice to find something you like. There is also a lot of nice cafés and restaurants to take a break from your shopping tour.
Not needing to go very far, you will find a lot of nature just a little outside of the city - easily reachable with the bike. Especially with the bike I would also recommend just taking a bike tour in the nature, enjoying the green surrounding, the blue sky and the fresh air.
But even in the city there is enough nature and green to feel comfortable. The botaniska trädgården near the castle is a nice place to sit, relax and have a peaceful time.
Especially in the summer walking along the river in the centre and just sitting on its shore and feeding the ducks can be quite nice.
The best spot I recommend for the winter is your warm room :)

What's really great:
Uppsala travelogue picture
I liked that about all people spoke good English - or actually I didn't like that, it made it much more difficult to learn Swedish. But it makes it easy for a tourist to send mail, ask for the way or order food. Even the movies on TV are in their original language.
Uppsala is very convienent, especially when you live in the centre. Everything can be reached by bike or even by foot. People are usually friendly and you can always find a spot to relax and "koppla av".
I really like this city. One has all the advantages of a bigger city but without the hectic, dirt and noise that usually comes with it. I prefer it much over Stockholm.

Uppsala travelogue picture
The biggest sight of the city is probably the Cathedral which is quite impressive. It is fairly old and makes you wonder how people were able to build something like that in the old times.
It is open to go inside and actually a nice and peaceful place. Just sitting on the grass outside of it on a sunny day can also be very enjoyable.
Everytime I pass the Cathedrale I am so impressed by it.
Otherwise I suggest just enjoying the inner city and the nature. There is some nice parks in Uppsala and a lot of green in general. While I do not like winters (because I freeze very easily), summer is a good time to be in Uppsala.
The castle is maybe not so great-looking, but the Botaniska trädgården just in front of it, is really worth going to. There is also a nice little forest in the southwest not far from the inner city where one can forget all about being in a city and just enjoy the pure smell and view of nature.

I live with my boyfriend at a student dormitory, so I cannot say much to accomodation.
It might be possible to rent a room in a dormitory from people who leave over vacation (maybe going to their parents) and rent their room for that period. Maybe just check the bulletin boards at the university.
Otherwise there is some hotels to stay in.

Much of the evening life is done over the students' nations. Each student belongs to a nation and each nation offers all kind of activities, parties, etc. If you get yourself a guestcard (need to be a student) you can also access those happenings. Much of the night life is organized via the nations. If you go to those events, you can meet many people and won't get bored.
However, I am not really into partying anymore, so I enjoy a more peaceful lifestyle :)

The same as I said about the nations - there is many places to go to if you keep to the nations' activities. But there is also some "normal" pubs in the city, in case you do not want to spend the money for a guest-card or look for something less connected with the student life.

You will find many places to eat - and most to an affordable price (after all, it is a student city; students get cheaper prices). Cheap places to eat were the Pinoccio Pizzeria, which serves quite large pizzas that don't even fit the plate (I like the Maestro pizza) and the Kebab House, which serves good Kebab.
There is also other Italian, Greek and of course Swedish restaurants. I haven't found any bad place to eat, so just try out what you can.
If you like Japanese food, I especially recommend the Sushi & Salad Restaurant next to the Dragons Palace (Chinese) in the city. It has good Sushi and good Miso-soup :)
But there is tons of other good restaurants, just look around you.

Published on Monday September 16th, 2002

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Thu, Feb 26 2004 - 05:26 PM rating by travelalain

I agree with Andreas, this deserves much better then a 1 star. Keep up the good work.

Mon, Aug 04 2003 - 03:05 PM rating by andreas

Hello Constance,

just dumped into your article. I must say I am verry surprised that you only made one star out of 5! You definatelly deserve better! Keep up writing such great articles and dont get disapointed because of some "raters". They might just be gelous :-))

Cu around,


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