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hieronyma Paro - A travel report by Christl
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Paro,  Bhutan - flag Bhutan -  Paro
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Bhutan, Paro, a journey as the Princess on the Pea

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Bhutan, Paro Dzong, the little Monk
Bhutan, Paro Dzong, the little Monk
The Kingdom of Bhutan, squeezed in between China (Tibet) and India is a quiet country with a self-assured people, conscious of their tradition, anchored in their Bhuddistic belief but cautiously opening to the modern world. The steps taken are convincing: The system of education - modern and traditional -, the 1995 resolution of the National Assembly that at least 60% of the country must be under forest cover in perpetuity, the care taken to protect the water, to give everyone free medical care and education. Travelling is expensive - US$ 200.- per day all inclusive -, but it means you don't meet the crowd and you are charmingly taken care of.

Favourite spots:
Bhutan, Thimpu, Building Houses
Bhutan, Thimpu, Building Houses
Paro itself, a small fast growing town, is surprising because it confronts the visitor with the law that all buildings in the country have to be built in the traditional architecture, even the airport, besides that they all are built without blueprints. Along the mainstreet you will find one shop beside another, very small, interesting the way the shop owners enter their shops, they just take a ladder and enter by way of the frontwindow. - Paro Dzong, used as a defensework against Tibetean invasion, today the border is closed and guarded, is one of the numerous Dzongs in the country now used as administrative and monastic centres, to be seen in the way they are built, both parts are strictly separated, what doesn't mean that they do not work together. Above the Dzong a watchtower dominates the valley and the road to Tibet and now houses the National Museum, depicting the history of the country, specially interesting for philatelists, because on display is a collection of Bhutan's stamp

What's really great:
Bhutan, Paro area, Kyichu Lhakhang
Bhutan, Paro area, Kyichu Lhakhang
Slowly with a lot of breaks through the forest, gleaming in sunshine, a light breeze going, the Rhoddodendron in full bloom I hiked up to the Teahouse and, passing the stupa, up to the Viewpoint with this gorgeous view of Thatshang Goemba (Tiger's Nest) and the valley below, 900 m difference in height, elevation 800 m, from and to the Kichu Resort in 5 1/2 hours. Another highlight: The visit to Kyichu Lhakang, also west of Paro, in the evening. This small monastery, where only men are allowed inside the temple, where the king's mother prays and talks to the monks, her refuge, left me envious of these people and their belief which gives their lives structure, values, and goals.

Bhutan, Paro area, Drukgyel Dzong
Bhutan, Paro area, Drukgyel Dzong
West of Paro the Drukgyel Dzong, a ruined fortress, is situated, a place to visit at midday time during the hour of the Pan. It is another place to get a feeling of the country, specially when you take the time to look at the old house below the Dzong with its traditional paintings.

Bhutan, Paro, Kichu Resort
Bhutan, Paro, Kichu Resort
Kichu Resort, 3 km west of Paro, comfortable and quiet, see: Lonely Planet, Bhutan

Published on Monday August 18th, 2003

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Wed, Feb 21 2007 - 05:06 PM rating by travler

I learned a lot from this report. I'll take a look at the guide.

Sat, Jan 27 2007 - 01:32 PM rating by marianne

an excellent read. I saw the same scaffolding used in India, it doesn't look very safe, but I suppose it is.

Wed, Jan 17 2007 - 09:59 PM rating by mrscanada

You are so lucky to travel to such exotic places. The picture of the little monk is adorable.

Wed, Mar 22 2006 - 06:21 PM rating by isaacmolina

I give 5 points for the rare place you have been. You are very lucky to travel to such incredible places

Mon, Jan 09 2006 - 11:33 AM rating by frenchfrog

Very informative, but it 's shame that the pictures are missing.

Sat, Jan 07 2006 - 07:05 PM rating by jorgesanchez

In spite of not having pictures I consider that this is a very valuable report on a country where very few people have been

Wed, Nov 05 2003 - 02:42 PM rating by whereisliz

Great report, very detailed. Thanks!

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