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fieryfox Pillnitz - A travel report by Farizan
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Pillnitz,  Germany - flag Germany -  Sachsen
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Intriguing Beauty of Pillnitz

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A fascinating mix of natural beauty and architectural brilliance, Schloss Pillnitz is one of Dresden's biggest attractions.

Schloss Pillnitz
Schloss Pillnitz

Some Background
Situated in the middle of an idyllic park on the outskirts of the city, the castle - built by August the Strong in the 18th century - was used as a romantic getaway by the Saxon royal family. The main buildings display an intriguing mix of baroque and Far Eastern architectural styles and now house a collection of 13-20th century arts and crafts. A visit to the castle would not be complete without a walk through the gardens, which are full of exotic plants and trees as well as a host of red squirrels.

How to get there
There is good public transport available from Dresden to Pillnitz but I recommend one of the more pleasant boat cruises from the Brühlsche Terrasse which takes you upriver (south-east) to the Schloss Pillnitz. (Please refer to other recommendations section below)

Transport connection: tram line 9 to final stop at Kleinzschachwitz, then by ferry to Pillnitz or by steamer from landing-place Dresden Terrassenufer.

Opening Times
From May to October, both palaces are open from 10.00 to 6.00 pm. The Mountain Palace (Bergpalais) is closed on Mondays where as the Water Palace (Wasserpalais) is closed on Tuesdays.

Note: From November to April, the water palace is closed for the winter break.

Admission Fee
Entrance to the Palace and Park is Free.

Favourite spots:
A close-up of the Wasserpalais.
A close-up of the Wasserpalais.

The Saxon princes' summer residence has two main wings, the riverside Wasserpalais and the inland Bergpalais, separated by a formal French garden.

The Palace
Ownership of the palace often changed. In 1694, it belonged to Prince Johann George IV. Then it came into the possession of King August the strong who at a large expenditure transformed it into a spectacular garden and castle. Often it is used for water sports in summer as it is by the banks of the Elbe River.

The transformation task was handed to one of the national building masters Matthaeus Daniel Poeppelmann. Between the years 1720 to 1723, an outside staircase was built at the water palace into the Elbe, opposite the Elbinsel. Then in 1724, the Bergpalais (mountain palace) was built. More playful than the Zwinger, the palace has a faintly Chinese air with its pagoda-like roofs. The exotic architectural style also blends some Indian architectural features and is sometimes called the "Indianisches Palais".

The Bergpalais houses a nice little arts and crafts museum (Museum für Kunsthandwerk) displaying the region's furniture, musical instruments, porcelain, crystal and pewter.

The Park
Take a stroll in the English-style landscaped park that stretches north and west of the palace. The garden surrounding the Castle was built in 1780. A breathtaking sight in summer as seen from many photographs in tourist brochures and books about the castle. The beauty of the park, somewhat reminiscent of an English garden, is kept even until today. It would seem that no time as passed at all, with the colors of the castle glowing in orange as if new and with such a well groomed garden. It's almost like taking a step back into the renaissance days.

What's really great:
The glass enclosure in Winter
The glass enclosure in Winter

The English-styled landscape Park.
The park is famed for its exotic species of tropical plants which were imported even in the 17th Century to add diversity to the plants in the park. One of the main attractions is the "kamelie" (camellia?) tree which was brought from Japan in 1770 and still grows in the park till today. The tree is protected in winter times by constructing a wooden enclosure that will prevent frost and snow from damaging its leaves and branches.

Today with modern technology, the tree is kept warm in a glass enclosure, with all the necessary ventilation to keep it green and healthy in winter. In spring and summer the tree is full of blossoms and is quite a sight to behold.

The lush green landscape of the Park.
The lush green landscape of the Park.

One of the most interesting features of Schloss Pillnitz is the blend of oriental and western architecture. The Chinese influenced parvillions and staircases gives a somewhat playful ambiance and a contrast to the usual baroque design of Castles in Dresden.

The garden and the landscape park with camellia blossoms is also a beautiful sight in summer.

Schlosshotel Pillnitz
Schlosshotel Pillnitz

Apart from ample accomodation options in Dresden there are also many Gasthaus and pensions in Pillnitz. Nearby the Palace there is a hotel.

Schlosshotel Schloß Schänke Pillnitz
(Palace hotel Pillnitz)
August - Böckelstiegel - Straße 10
01326 Dresden
Tel: 0351/261 4 - 0
Fax: 0351/261 44 00

Hotel Goldener Apfel
Schulweg 3
01326 Dresden
Tel: 0351/261 66 - 0
Fax: 0351/261 66 -13

Restaurant of the Schloss Hotel Pillnitz
Restaurant of the Schloss Hotel Pillnitz

This isn't exactly a disco but I was told that its great for wine tasting and is quite lively in the evenings.
Inh.: Henry Kreher
Am Rathaus 2
01326 Dresden
Tel: 0351/2618805

Display of traditional costumes of the 18th Century at the Bergpalais
Display of traditional costumes of the 18th Century at the Bergpalais

After asking around about pubs in Pillnitz, someone suggested this tavern. So heres the address and contact.

Taverne "Bei Jiannis" Der Grieche
(Tavern "Bei Jiannis" The Greek)
An der Schäferei 1
01326 Dresden
Tel: 0351/2618989

Fliederhof Hall
Fliederhof Hall

There are several nice restaurants around Pillnitz, the following are just to name a few.

Restaurant Parkcafé Pillnitz
Fam. Rüdiger
Orangeriestr. 26
01326 Dresden
Tel: 0351/2618233
Fax: 0351/2610130

Café Pillnitz
Orangeriestraße 10
01326 Dresden
Open from 11 a.m - 6. pm.
Closed on Tuesdays.

Other recommendations:
Steamers moving downriver.
Steamers moving downriver.

The Elbe Cruise to Pillnitz
Take one of the steamers frequently operating on the Elbe River to Pillnitz and arrive in a most pleasant way. From the landing-place at the Dresden Terrassenufer the journey takes about one and two hours.

Check out the Homepage of the Sächsische Dampfschifffahrt for more information about the Steamers that operate on the Elbe River.
(Ferry Operators)

Published on Saturday September 11th, 2004

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Sun, Dec 18 2005 - 02:51 PM rating by jorgesanchez

another excellent of your reports

Sat, Sep 11 2004 - 03:52 PM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hiii fari
it really a wonderful report

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