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lysdor Rodos - A travel report by Tiina
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Rodos,  Greece - flag Greece -  Dodek├ínisos
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Here I was again on my free trip to Rhodos with my friend Riitta. We came to spend two weeks in the sun and meet our guide-friend Mari who was also in Kos as our 'private' tour-guide!

Rodos travelogue picture
This picture shows the entrance to Rhodes (or Rodos) Mandraki harbor. On the right, far away are the two pillars with deer that are Rhodes symbol. They were next to each leg where it is believed the 31 m high bronze COLOSSUS was standing. The church is called Church of the Annunciation and is an orthodox cathedral.

If you are interested in GREEK MYTHOLOGY & GODS here are few links:

Favourite spots:
Rodos travelogue picture
Just sitting at a sunny terrace was a good place to observe locals (and too many tourists...LOL) and have a greek meal or just a glass of wine. Here is Mari in the front with her greek boyfriend, then Riitta and me of course!

What's really great:
Rodos travelogue picture
USEFUL TIPS * Shops and supermarkets in areas frequented by tourists are usually open all day long, from 9 am to 10 pm. A periptero is a sort of kiosk that sells all kinds of things, ranging from chocolate and chips, to batteries and magazines. These kiosks are very useful, they can be found easily and many are open 24 hours / day. * Water in all areas where tourists are likely to find themselves is chlorinated and perfectly safe to drink. Yet bottled water, you will find, is very popular, primarily for conveni ence reasons, and is widely available. * The sun in Greece is very bright and strong, and a sunscreen should always be applied when sunbathing. Useful tip: Most TV channels interrupt their regular summer program several times per day to broadcast Sunbathing Report. This report will tell you how long it is advized that you stay in the sun according to the time of day and your geographic location all around Greece. * The drinking age in Greece is 16.

Rodos travelogue picture

... just past the old coble streets -ok to climb there when it's not hot!

Rodos travelogue picture
After that greek-dinner-dancing evening we decided to go taste our first strawberries of the season!!

Rodos travelogue picture

This is a view down to Rodos from Monte Smith, named after an English admiral: Sir Sidney Smith.

As you can see from the picture, the day was pretty cloudy and...cold!

Other recommendations:
Rodos travelogue picture

Our guide-friend Mari took us to see Lindos. It's located 47 KM from Rodos and is sure worth a visit!

Lindos was the original capital of the island.

The famous Acropolis of Lindos is the most well known of all ancient sites in the Dodekanese and can be as crowded as the Acropolis of Athens sometimes!

Published on Wednesday June 2th, 2004

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Wed, Jun 02 2004 - 07:17 AM rating by britman

I particularly like your pictures of Rhodes - it is a lovely Greek holiday Isle and you certainly seem to have had fun!

Wed, Jun 02 2004 - 06:51 AM rating by marianne

I liked your tips especially the sunbathing report. That is a very useful broadcast. It was also interesting to read about Greek history and mythology, but why did you copy this from and

You could give a link to it.
Besides copying this is probably an infringement on copyrights.

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