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Sapphire - A travel report by VK
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Sapphire,  Australia - flag Australia -  Queensland
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Fossicking for Sapphires

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Sapphire travelogue picture
The roads were narrow and just plain bad. The houses and most edifices were finished with aluminum sheets. Cows, bulls and horses were gallivanting without fences. I even somewhat feared getting out of the car, but the animals seemed mild-tempered and to my great relief, they were .Our first stop at DownUnder Gems was where it all began. Large signs greeted us, advertising B-B-Q, Gem Cutting, Fossicking Patch and Learning all about Fossicking. This was exactly what we were looking for as we didn't know how to begin looking for gems. They greeted us as long time friends.

Favourite spots:
Sapphire travelogue picture
Their motto is A great find? You bet'cha!! and I must agree with it. When we got here we had nothing but the best service. We felt part of the family. The owner showed us how to start fossicking. --First one can buy either a bucket of dirt for 6$ or a wheelbarrow of dirt for 35$. --Then one must wash the dirt in a double strainer, until all is left are medium size rocks in the first strainer, and small rocks in the second strainer. --Then we check the first strainer for sapphires, which could be from light yellows to dark blues in shades, by turning the strainer upside down on a table with a cloth on it. --The owners were there at all times to help us out. They offered coffee and water. There was shade and picnic tables. --Here we can also hire fossicking equipment if you're looking to do this on your own. But it's a little more difficult and a little less rewarding. One needs to purchase a license in Emerald and be under the scorching sun for hours on end

What's really great:
Sapphire travelogue picture
The owner showed us the ropes, and even took us to the mining sites, where the owner of Coolamon Mining took us on a tour of the whole procedure of digging the mines and whatnot, to even drive to Rubyvale where we saw the fantastic finished products, ready to be sold around the world, assorted colored sparkling Sapphires.
On this picture aren`t pebbles, but actually tons of sapphires.

Sapphire travelogue picture
For more information about CD Down Under Gems, you can get in touch with them at:

--PH 07 4985 4920 --Mob 0438 155 980 --Mob 0408 780 344 --PO Box 355 Sapphire, QLD 4702 --Email

here is a picture of myself feeding wild, yet somewhat tamed bird.

Other recommendations:
One can go on a wild trek and fossick for Sapphires on his own. Although a lot of equipment is required and the working conditions aren't that great. One can purchase a fossicking license at C.H.T.O situated in Emerald. They have fossicking maps and all other information required. As per the equipment which would include shovels, strainers, picks, large water containers to wash the rocks, water, etc.... the whole idea can result in being very costly and not very satisfactory. Unless of course one just wants the adventure of being under the scorching sun of Queenlands for hours on end, being covered in red dirt, and not finding anything but fool's gold and rocks. One never knows though, you could get lucky.
For more information you can get in touch with; --C.H.T.O --Queensland Government --Natural Resources and Mines --P.O.Box 841 --Emerald, Qld --4720 --Ph/Fax 07 4982 4142 --Email

Published on Friday October 11th, 2002

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Sat, Aug 14 2004 - 04:16 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

its a wonderful report ,so nicely and systematically written.

Fri, Jul 11 2003 - 09:59 AM rating by greentoes

Very good report, hope i'll have the chance to see it too!!!

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