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Tonbridge - A travel report by VK
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Tonbridge,  United Kingdom - flag United Kingdom
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Filled with history

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Tonbridge travelogue picture
It seems everything in this small town is worth seeing. Although small in size, the river Medway, the castle walk and the beautiful flower garden surrounding the Tonbridge Castle make this town memorable.One could start with the Tonbridge School, which was founded in 1553, and rebuilt in 1864. Then, across the street is the Ferox Hall (16th century)where Queen Elizabeth I once slept, and where Humphrey Davy made his first experiences with cannon powder. On Bordyke Rd are impressive houses. Church lane is also a must, with it's Church House, Tyger's Head and the St. Peter & St. Paul Church. East St. hosts The Port Reeves House (15th century), and “The Man of Kent” Pub, and many old houses.

Favourite spots:
Tonbridge travelogue picture
And of course built above the town, on the hill is the Castle which was besieged in 1088. It was privately owned for years and since 1899 was purchased by the town.

What's really great:
Tonbridge travelogue picture
Bank St. has a wonderful mural painted on the street’s brick wall, and is home of the Workhouse, Bank street School and Corn Exchange. Many bridges cross the town, and many pubs are built with patios. Quite a large array of historical buildings still stand. Here’s a few that you can visit while taking a walk in the old town. In the castle is situated a tourist ‘museum’ which offers maps and historical books of the city itself. The town closes down early, so do plan some early day activities. Surprisingly enough, there is a late weekend night life here. A day or two is sufficient to see all there is to see here.

Tonbridge travelogue picture
On Church lane after the presbyteries is the entrance of the “The Rose and the Crown” Pub. This pub has its main entrance on High St., the old city center.

Other recommendations:
Tonbridge travelogue picture
Interestingly enough, Bank St. was once called ‘Back Lane’. It was very poor in the 17th and 18th centuries as they used to keep the criminals in the “Workhouse” (1723) while they waited for their trails.
The Workhouse was originally built for tramps in 1723. The Bank School became owners of the building in 1836 and in 1980 it became an office building. The Fire Station is built on the old castle’s loophole.

Published on Friday October 11th, 2002

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